Best Buy just slashed $300 off 27-inch Razer gaming monitor

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There’s some big savings in store for you if you’re in the market for a great new gaming monitor, as Best Buy has discounted Razer 27-inch Raptor gaming monitor down to a sale price of $500. This is an impressive savings of $300, as the super capable display regularly costs $800. It’s loaded with features that would impress gamers even at its regular price, and with this discount the gaming monitor is practically a steal. Free shipping is included with your purchase, as is three free months of YouTube Premium.

Why you should buy the 27-inch Razer Raptor gaming monitor

Razer is a popular name in gaming, and this 27-inch Raptor gaming monitor is a good reason why. With this display Razer has produced a display that can compete with many of the best gaming monitors on the market. When it comes to resolution this is a QHD display, which sits halfway between Full HD and 4K. And while it’s a little short of being able to call itself a 4K monitor, QHD provides ample resolution and picture quality that’s still sharp, immersive, and incredibly responsive. Where the Raptor gaming monitor may seem to lack in a few extra pixels it more than makes up for with some top notch gaming specs.

Of those specs, what stands out the most is the 165Hz refresh rate, which is nearly three times the refresh rate you’ll find in most gaming monitors. This allows for more frames, which smoothens your gameplay and sharpens the experience. It prevents lag and image tearing, even during fast-paced action. This is also a THX Certified Gaming Monitor, which ensures HDR400 performance and picture modes that provide color accuracy and visual experiences free of motion blur. Gamers will also love taking on the best PC games utilizing the NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility and AMD FreeSync support within the Razer 27-inch Raptor.

While the Razer 27-inch Raptor gaming monitor would usually cost $800, today you can grab it for just $500. This makes for $300 in savings, and it puts the Raptor in the price range of many of the best budget monitors. Free shipping and three free months of YouTube Premium are included with your purchase.

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