Biodegradable plastics? What are they? How it is made??

1) according to the international standards organisation biodegradable plastic is the one in which degradation results from the action of microorganisms of course the speed at which the plastic degrades depends on factors such as the following are types of concentration of active components in the following as atmospheric conditions.

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2) normally biodegradable plastic is produced out of natural substances such as starch, cellulose and glucose. Significantly research studies have gone to show show that the biodegradable plastics trash bags containing 6% cornstarch and 94% synthetic polymer decompose within 5 years.

3) scientist at Thiruvananthapuram based Central tuper crops Research Institute functioning under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research has perfected the technology of producing a biodegradable plastic using starchy material derived from tapioca and other tubers. This bioplastic is known to degrade in just 6 months.

4) according to our Clinton full of the University of Massachusetts at impressed, the success of biodegradable plastic the parents directly on the evolution of a cost efficient production Technology coupled with a large market demand.

5) recent advances in biotechnology has enabled researchers to coax the tiny bacteria to produce biopolymers from which bioplastic could be manufactured.

6) though  as far back as 1925 scientist were aware of the bacterial strains capable of yielding biopolymers, it was not until mid 1980 that researchers were able to extract biopolymer produced by bacteria.

7) in recent years biodegradable plastic developed out of the materials derived from soybeans has been in use in the US. Whatsmode biodegradable material such as bamboo fibre and polymer blends are being studied to engineer biodegradable plastic varieties that are both inexpensive and convenient to best shoes at less price from here(amazon)

8) however the large scale introduction of biodegradable plastic has its own limitations full stop first, it would be more expensive than the conventional plastic. The technology for producing biodegradable plastics has not advanced to a level where Industries can produce eco friendly plastic at a price equal to that of a conventional plastic, it would not be as much what resistant as conventional plastics and chances of its meltdown after exposure to rain water are quite Pronounced.

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