Black Clover Chapter 355 Full Summary And Raw Scans: Yuno Stops Lucius’ Attack!

Bla ck Clover Chapter 355 Full Summary And Raw Scans and details

Black Clover Chapter 355 will be featured in the upcoming issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine which is scheduled to be released on Monday, March 27th, 2023 at midnight Japanese Standard Timing. However, thanks to the leakers of the series, the full context of the said chapter is out. The events from the previous chapter continue in this one and we see destruction in the Clover Kingdom.

While the chapter itself is a very small one, it speaks greatly of the battle that is about to come, and characters such as Yuno and Yami prove their worth of being in this battle. The battle isn’t as one-sided as we had thought as Yuno shows his determination for being the Wizard King once again. It is finally amazing to see how strong Yuno has become and after seeing Asta in the Land of the Sun with his training arc, it the time for our deuteragonist to shine. 

The next chapter will likely also be continuing with the current events and we will see how strong has Yuno become. Fortunately, the next chapter of Black Clover won’t be on break so it will be interesting to see where things will head. But for now, let us discuss the chapter at hand.

Given that everything is available for the chapter, we will provide you with the same. Follow along with this article as we break down the events from the Black Clover Chapter 355. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the Black Clover manga series and its new chapters.

Black Clover Chapter 355 Full Summary And Raw Scans

Black Clover Chapter 355 is titled “The Prince Of Stars and the cover page of this chapter is a poster of the upcoming Black Clover movie. The chapter starts with everyone worrying for Jack as he was attacked by the newly arrived Morgan and even wonders if he is even alive.

The Black Clover Chapter 355 sees William charging at Lucius yelling his determination that he is here because of Julius and he will even lay his life if it meant stopping an imposter. However, as his attacks approach Lucius, the latter uses a magic time shield much like the one we had seen Julius in the earlier period of the series. 

Lucius mentions that even though he would like to fight William, he does not care about him and we see that his attack is able to erase anything it touches including William’s leg. Moving forward, Lucious mentions that the people of the clover kingdom do not have the power to stop him and commands the angel hovering in the sky to initiate an attack.

Yuno Stops Lucius’ Attack

After hearing Lucius’ order to attack, the angels in the sky start producing energy that will be used for a projectile attack. Lucius calls it the final judgment and it scares the people of the Clover Kingdom including the magic knights gathered panicking to stop it.

The heavy projectile attack starts coming on the clover kingdom and everyone accepts their fate, however, a crystal-like structure starts appearing above the clover kingdom and forms a shield that blocks the attack. The people and the magic knights cannot believe that a single person attacked on such a large scale attack and even Yami mentions that in a single year and a few months, Yuno has gotten very strong.

As William who is unable to fight after a single attack keeps falling from the air and he sees Yuno past him and notes that he has already become way stronger than him and even deems him that he is the captain of the Golden Dawn. Yuno and Lucius stand face to face and the former says that he cannot forget the latter for the things he has done.

However, Yuno also mentions that he is going to defeat Lucius not because he cannot forgive him but because he is going to become the wizard king. Lucius accepts his challenge saying that Yuno is really the one he needs to defeat. Black Clover Chapter 355 will be available to read for free on Viz Media and Manga Plus for free once it is released.

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