Brands that you probably didnt know that were indian.

  why is it important to boycott China,—  not only for India, but for every democratic country in the world? Come, let us see how it is possible to boycott China realistically and practically by us and India Some of you had commented on the last video and asked that if China is resorting to such dirty means- dumping, theft, currency manipulation- then why are the rest of the countries not taking any action against China? They are! Discussions are being held in Australia on how Australia, as a country, can reduce its dependency on China Due to these reasons, Donald Trump in the USA had announced a trade war against China in 2018 And not only Trump but many politicians of the opposition- the Democratic Party- also supported the trade war So what exactly is entailed in a “trade war”? Trade war basically means that Trump said that all the Chinese goods that come into the USA, should be subjected to increased taxes and tariffs which would make these goods costlier.  And if these

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