Bridesmaids Reveal The Wildest Demands From Brides

Bridesmaids Reveal The Wildest Demands From Brides


“I was around 18 when a co-worker I had become fast friends with asked me to be in her wedding. She had been engaged for about a year, and at the time (1979), it wasn’t unusual for most young women to marry right after high school. The bride picked out some lovely dresses that could be worn again, we were fitted, and we moved on…or so I thought. Apparently, there was some drama regarding her future mother-in-law, who seemed to think she was ‘upper class’ and so her family must be better represented (meaning she wanted more bridesmaids from the groom’s side) so there wouldn’t be any ‘tackiness’ at her baby’s wedding. Sure, lady, whatever that means. The bride called and asked me to bow out. I was fine with it, but she asked me to pay for the dress I had been fitted for AND paid a deposit on.”

“I told my mom about this, and she said there was no way I was paying for a dress I wouldn’t be wearing, subject closed. The bride understood and it wasn’t brought up again. A month later, she called and told me the groom’s sister-in-law dropped out of the wedding (the one I had been dropped from the bridal party for), and she asked me to reconsider being a bridesmaid. The catch was that the dress was far too big for me, so I’d have to pay for the dress and for it to be re-altered. 

I brought this up to my mom while I had the bride on the phone, my mom blew her stack and told me the bride had a lot of nerve. We decided the bride would have to find someone else to take her crap because it wasn’t going to be me. I didn’t speak to her after that, nor did I want to. I still wonder who wound up paying for that dress. It certainly wasn’t me.”


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