Can’t hear dialogue on your TV? The Faller Oskar wireless speaker will help

With modern TV flatscreens not the best for producing big, audible sound, it’s often left to soundbars and sound systems to pick up the slack. But with a new wireless TV speaker from German brand Faller, it’ll aim to make hard to hear dialogue much easier.

Called the Oskar, it’s been developed to focus on defining dialogue so it can be heard easily. It’s designed to be easy to use with just one large control wheel on top of the speaker to power it on/off and change volume, with a single Speec Filter on the side that allows the user to scroll through the Oskar’s three speech settings.

Faller is actually the new offshoot from Sonoro Audio, a brand which hi-fi fans might be aware of from years past. The Faller Oskar utilises the expertise of the award-winning company to, in the company’s words, ensure that the “Oskar has been developed to incredibly high standards.”

Faller-OSKAR TV amplifier
credit: Sonoro-Faller

With the touch of a button the Oskar TV voice amplifier can emphasise voices and “important frequency bands” for speech, while distracting background noise is dynamically filtered out and minimised. The driver set-up sees two full-range speakers and a passive driver to ensure the best sound and clear speech reproduction. It also comes with a docking station to charge the amplifier when it’s not being used.

The Faller Oskar TV amplifier has a range of 30 metres, so you could leave the TV on and take the speaker with you to another room and still hear what’s being said on the TV. Battery life is 16 hours (four hours to fully charge the speaker back to 100%), and it also features physical connections such as a 3.5mm jack, USB-C input and an optical audio input for connection to a TV.

The Faller Oskar TV amplifier is available in the UK and Europe now for £259 / 269. It can be bought directly from Faller, as well as Amazon and other selected TV and audio retailers.

The Faller Oskar isn’t the first speaker of its kind, but it does follow a growing trend of improving dialogue quality from TVs in recent years. Here’s hoping it’s as good as the five-star Sony Wireless Handy TV speaker we reviewed a few years back, which offered a similar path to improving sound quality.

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