ChatGPT is back in Italy

In March, Italy became the first Western country to temporarily ban access to ChatGPT within its borders. Citing concerns over “unlawful” data collection and the lack of an age verification mechanism for minors, the country’s data protection agency — Garante — blocked the service, requiring OpenAI to meet a series of demands for the suspension to be lifted.

As of April 28, Italian users have regained access to the AI system, after OpenAI implemented the majority of the measures ordered by Garante. These address age verification, transparency, and the rights of users and non-users alike.

First off, the US-based company has introduced a “welcome back” pop-up box, which asks users to confirm they’re above 18 years-old, or that they have obtained parental consent if they’re aged between 13 and 18. They also need to specify their birthday on the sign-up page to gain access.