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Create Quality Dofollow Links [2023]

You can efficiently create the LM account and start purchasing high DA backlinks. One good thing about LinksManagement is, You will get a $25 Sign Up bonus after loading your first $25 in the LM wallet.

It means LM is allowing you to buy approx 5 to 8 high DA backlinks for free for the first month which will make your initial investment a worth investment.

Now, To get the approx 5 free Do-Follow backlinks, Sign Up on LinksManagement with your email ID.

Note: It may take up to 10 minutes to load a $25 bonus in your LM account.

After successfully creating your LinksManagement account, Click on the Buy Backlinks page.


It will redirect you to the Backlinks Directory page where you have to adjust the backlink finder filer to get the most relevant and targeted backlink for your website.

Now on this Filter, There are tons of filter options available to filter a website. These are the LM terminologies.

A beginner may confuse there so, Let’s understand these terminologies.

Price: You can buy backlinks here in two ways, either monthly payment (recurring) or permanent.

I recommend you select a monthly payment and try it for 2 months. Once you see the SEO benefit from that backlink then buy it permanently.

SB Rank: It is the LinksManagement metrics to judge the backlink quality. It is a scale of 1-10 SB Rank.

It is the most crucial step as this step will decide the link juice quality.

SB Rank is just like MOZ DA but, consider SB Rank more powerful as it is the combination of the website’s DA, PA, Trust flow, citation flow of the page.

I recommend you to filter 2 to 3 SB rank here for low budget.

Website Category: It is an important filter as you have to decide the most relevant website for the backlink here.

Thank to LinksManagement, You will get almost all types of categories there.

Pro Tip: Google takes relevancy seriously so only select the relevant websites for backlinks.

URL/Domain Zone: It is also a useful filter. You can adjust the targeted website domain extension.

Just like if you want backlink from a .com, .in, .net, .org, etc extension website. You can adjust it here

DA-PA Filters: This filter stands for DA and PA of the website between 1-100 scale. It is not LM metrics but it fetches DA and PA from MOZ data.

The higher the DA PA will give you the quality link juice to your web pages.

Placement %: It is the probability of link placement. It means whether the website owner accepts your link placement request or not.

This percentage depends on past experience and accepted link percentage of the targeted website So, Higher the placement percentage will increase your link placement chances.

Outbound links: You have to focus on this filter as this filter is directly related to the Link Juice of the backlink.

If you buy contextual links from a page (or a website) where already a lot of outbound (External) backlinks are placed then the quality of your backlink will be very low.

This outbound link filter will help you to strict the targeted website to maximum outbound links.

LInksManagement Review Outbound-links

I recommend you select a maximum of 5 outbound backlinks in this filter so that you can get the maximum link juice for your website.

Hosting Location: If you want backlinks from a specific country then you can use this filter. It will help you to get country-specific backlinks.

If you are running a micro niche blog and you want to rank that blog in a specific country then this filter will help you to rank.

There are some more filters like targeted website Language, keywords, etc. You can try these filters according to your need. 

Now I will place one backlink for ASKblogging to give you the exact step by step guide to place backlinks.

STEP 1: I will apply its filter according to my need and niche.


Among all the filters, Give priority to SB Rank, DA-PA, and maximum outbound links. It will directly affect the link juice.

STEP 2: Now, LinksManagement will provide the websites where I can place the backlinks

Backlink Directory

It will also show you the website’s URL, DA-PA score, and SB rank along with recurring and permanent pricing.

STEP 3: I will select a website for backlink placement

Do not blindly trust LinksManagement So, Manual review all the websites to get the exact data whether that website is good or not. You can SEMRush for review.

STEP 4: After my manual review, I’m selecting website for backlink placement.

Its current DA is 22 and relevant to my website.

Build backlink here

STEP 5: Select your backlink placement type. It means whether you want to place it monthly or permanent basis. I’m selecting a monthly basis.

I need to pay $3.48 per month for this backlink.

Remember, It has 22 DA and is related to my website industry so it is a worth investment for me.

If this backlink positively affects my website then I will buy this backlink permanently by paying one time $24.36.

This is the fastest and easy way to buy quality backlinks.

STEP 6: Place your backlink order.

Add a new Promoted URL: It is the main URL of your website for which you want to buy contextual links.

It will also ask you to fill in some more entries like backlink Before text, Anchor text, and After text.

buy backlinks on linksmanagement

Optimize these texts to get the maximum link juice.

Haven’t any idea about it?

Learn how to optimize anchor text for backlinks.

You can also select the backlink type, do-follow, or no-follow.

Our LinksManagement review has also covered that how a nofollow backlink will positively affect your website?

To understand this, Let’s take a scenario

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