Did You Grow Up With Chill Parents? I Want To Know About Your Experience And How You Think It Impacted You As An Adult

Did You Grow Up With Chill Parents? I Want To Know About Your Experience And How You Think It Impacted You As An Adult

If You Grew Up With Lenient Parents, Tell Me About That Experience And How It Impacted You As An Adult

Sooo many different varieties of the “fun” parent.

Everyone’s parenting styles are different. Some people helicopter; some people would rather be the best friend instead of the authority; and some people might want to find that happy medium. I was lucky enough to have parents who put me in that happy medium. My parents were definitely fun and lenient, but still authoritative when it came time to be.

I know there have to be other kids out there like me and even kids who have parents far more lenient than mine, so I wanted to ask: if you grew up with a fun parent or parents, tell me about that experience and how you think it impacted you.

Maybe it’s something as small as your parents allowing you to call them by their first names while you were growing up, and because of that, it’s made you realize how powerful a name is. Losing your individuality just to be referred to as “mom” for the rest of your life, or your kids not even knowing your first name at all, made you realize you would be totally cool with and may actually prefer your kids call you by your first name every once in a while.

Or maybe you grew up with a super-lenient parent who made you feel like you had more of a best friend than an actual parental figure. While you loved it as a kid, not having that strong authority throughout your life led you down a long path of defiance and distance that impacted your life, relationships, and well-being before you finally realized what the root of the problem was.

Maybe growing up, your incredibly fun and free household was extremely exciting for you, but as you aged and started your own family, the impact that you realized that household had on you was a lesson in exactly how to raise your own children. After feeling so thankful that you were able to explore so much growing up without your parents breathing down your neck, you realized that you wanted your child to have similar freedoms, but under a bit more supervision than your parents gave you.

Whatever your fun or lenient parent may be like, let me know about your experience and its impact in the comments, and if you would like to remain anonymous, feel free to fill out this form. The most detailed responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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