Discussion Started on Dangers of Featuring Children in “Mommy Vlogger” Content

While parenting content can provide an accessible and educational outlet for other parents to seek answers to their parenting questions along with validation from others also raising young children, the risks of “sharenting” are so glaring that the risks appear to outnumber the benefits:

“There’s going to be a whole generation of traumatized adults who had the entirety of their lives exploited by their parents on the internet for profit. It needs to be illegal.”

— u/Heavy_Sand5228

“Monetizing children is f*cking gross. You can have a successful mommy channel without exploiting those you are meant to protect and claim to love.”


“She can be a content creator without kids in the videos. There are plenty of things to do. She can still do mommy content without the kids — packing their lunches, how she gets ready, talking about how she handles discipline, etc.”

— u/Puzzleheaded-Value38

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