Doctor Cha Episode 15: Release Date, Preview & Where To Watch

The romantic Korean drama Doctor Cha is just a perfect medical drama for everyone out there. However, here, you will learn everything we know so far regarding the release date and what will happen in Doctor Cha Episode 15.

Doctor Cha revolves around a lady named Cha Jeong-Suk who gave up her dreams of becoming a doctor 20 years ago and was a housewife all those years. However, now she has decided to resume and return to her medical career as a first-year resident, but it isn’t the same as it used to be.

Seo In-Ho is her husband, who is a successful surgeon at the university. The cast of Doctor Cha includes Uhm Jung-Hwa as Cha Jeong-Suk, Kim Byung-Chul as Seo In-Ho, Min Wook-Hyuk as Roy Kim, Myung Se-Bin as Choi Seung-Hi, Song Ji-Ho as Seo Jung-Min, and Lee Seo-Yeon as Seo I-Rang.

Uhm Jung-Hwa as Cha Jeong-Suk (credits: Netflix)

So, without any pause, scroll down to know all about Doctor Cha Episode 15’s release date, preview, and a lot more. Let’s go!

Doctor Cha Episode 14 Recap

Doctor Cha Episode 14 was released a few days back. We saw previously that Roy was on the hunt to learn more about his family and not just him now; Jeong-suk also finds out about her mother and that she is not in great health. This broke her heart, but she gathered all her spirit to make things right.

Jeong-suk’s mother was diagnosed with a fatal ailment, and thus she began to find a solution for her treatment, but it was not an easy task to be accomplished. However, there is a saying that more problems always surface at the worst possible time.

And this happens with Jeong-suk as Seo In-ho refuses to follow her lead, and she is helpless. Check out below to know what will happen in Doctor Cha Episode 15

Doctor Cha Episode 15 Preview

Doctor Cha Episode 15 will be out very soon. However, there has not been much released regarding the episode, but we may expect a lot more happenings ahead in the upcoming episode. We can predict that maybe Jeong-suk will find a way to save her mother, but we can’t be firm.

Will someone be an angel for Jeong-suk and her mother? What do you think? However, we got to wait for Doctor Cha Episode 15 to release and see what happens in this second last episode.

Doctor Cha Episode 15 Release Date

The romantic medical Korean drama Doctor Cha is all set to release the second last episode of the season. Yes, Doctor Cha Episode 15 is scheduled to release on Saturday, June 3, 2023, in South Korea at 10:30 pm KST only on JTBC Netflix.

In a week, two new episodes of Doctor Cha Season 1 are released every Saturday and Sunday. Doctor Cha’s episodes run for approximately 62 minutes. As the season has a total of 16 episodes, Doctor Cha Season 1 will soon end, and you surely would not want to miss the climax.

So, read ahead to know how you can watch the final episodes of Doctor Cha. Keep scrolling.

Doctor Cha Episode 15 Preview
Doctor Cha Episode 8 (credits: Netflix)

How To Watch Doctor Cha?

As mentioned above, Doctor Cha releases episodes at 10:30 pm Korean Standard Time every Saturday-Sunday on JTBC Network. But you can only watch the show on JTBC in South Korea. However, a VPN service would work. Below mentioned are the release times of Doctor Cha for International fans.

  • For the viewers in the United States: 9:30 am ET on the same day
  • For the viewers in Europe: 1:30 pm on the same day
  • For the viewers in Canada: 11:00  pm NT on the same day
  • For the viewers in Australia: 11:30 pm AEST on the same day
  • For the viewers in India: 1:30 am IST on the same day
  • For the viewers in Japan: 10:30 pm JST on the same day
  • For the viewers in the Philippines: 9:30 pm PHT on the same day

Other than the original network, you can also watch Doctor Cha on Netflix by taking its subscription. Thus, this completes everything we know regarding Doctor Cha Episode 15. Also, comment down below if you are following Doctor Cha and what you think of it. 

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