Dungeons & Dragons reveal a First look of Minecraft and D&D Game

Even the most dedicated gamers can spend hundreds of hours in the world of Minecraft. However, those seeking different experiences can browse the official Minecraft Marketplace for an endless stream of new content such as skins, texture packs, worlds, and full-blown adventures. Recently, an unexpected source announced the latest DLC addition to the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Marketplace. During the latest D&D Direct, Wizards of the Coast and Mojang Studios announced they are partnering to bring an official Dungeons & Dragons DLC to Minecraft.

This full adventure will soon be available on the Marketplace, and players can customize their own characters by choosing a class and customizing stats while exploring iconic locations from the vast D&D world such as Candlekeep, Icewind Dale, and the Underdark. In addition, players will encounter notorious enemies from Dungeons & Dragons that present unique challenges.

Moreover, the official Dungeons & Dragons Monstrous Compendium will add five new creatures from the Minecraft universe, including the Ender Dragon, Overworld Wolf, Creeper, Blaze, and Enderman. The Minecraft and D&D crossover will be available in Spring 2023 on various platforms such as Xbox, Windows PC, PlayStation, Switch, Android, and iOS. Alternatively, players can choose to stick with vanilla Minecraft and enjoy the forthcoming 1.20 “Trails & Tales” update with mountains of new content.

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