Every Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Image: Sony Pictures/Marvel

The web of life and destiny ties together the fates of many heroes—and while Into the Spider-Verse introduced us and Miles Morales to quite a few, Across the Spider-Verse throws him into the deep end with a whole super group of them. There are plenty of new Spidey heroes in the sequel, but just as many are classic takes on the character from comics, games, and beyond. Here’s who we spotted, from the big heroes to the blink-and-you’ll miss ‘em.

It’s not really a spoiler for Across the Spider-Verse to say there’s a lot of Spider-people in it. Not only are there familiar faces from Into the Spider-Verse, but tons of nods to generations of Spider-hero comics and adaptations, alongside entirely new designs created for Across. Even then, whether they’re all-new or Easter eggs, many are in it for just a blink-and-you’ll miss it moment—in fact, we’ve probably missed a few. If you noticed one we didn’t include, let us know in the comments!

Of course, we’ll briefly touch on these Spiders’ roles in the film too, if you’ve still not swung your way into theaters and want to keep the Spider-surprises to yourself, consider this your last warning to turn back…

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