From “SNL” To “Inside Out” – Amy Poehler Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Roles

From "SNL" To "Inside Out" – Amy Poehler Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Roles

Amy explains that in the first Inside Out, her character Joy has to learn a big lesson: “sometimes we need to chill and just feel our feelings.” On the subject of joy, she revealed that the things that bring her joy are: “hard laughs with friends, miniture food, a nice blanket.” 

When it comes to the new film, Amy knows exactly why all the new emotions are so memable. “Everyone understands Anxiety. You do not have to explain to people what Anxiety is about, they get it.”

She points out that even though Riley’s a teenager now, the experiences and emotions are universally relatable, saying, “We all have that moment where we go from dancing like no one’s watching to realising everyone is watching. Or when your kid lets go of your hand when you’re walking because they’re embarrassed. It’s heartbreaking.”

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