Gachiakuta Chapter 48: Vandals VS Cleaners Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

Gachiakuta Chapter 48

Excited about Gachiakuta Chapter 48? Well, we all are!! In the previous installment, I told you… do I have to be the one to tell you all what is going down in Gachiakuta, I am glad that telling you what is going on because this is fire! because this is what anyone would do, it is the telling of a good manga, if I wanted something to be relatively good, what would I do in this situation!!

Just as I told you in the previous one, war is getting ready to happen and where many of the fandoms were like there s no way, they are not about to fight, but after that panel where the enemies are staring at each other, where Rudou is ready for the war because they took Amo, this is a hostage situation, and you can tell because as now they are in front of each other, this situation is alarming to me, because of the confidence that the other side, Vandals, has that lets you know that they have something you don’t.

After reading the previous one, a freaked out because everything in the previous chapter was just calm before the Vandal Boss decided to show his cards, and say “look, it’s been going down” before we get into it further, can we just give a round of applause to Kei Urana, I need you guys to understand the detail in the faces in the last chapter are so freaking sick.

The amount of work that she puts into this absolutely astronomically higher than I could have ever anticipated because the art literally says to you, what the characters are thinking, what they are feeling and their emotions, all of that, that is set for the moment. They don’t even have to be words, I have told you this before, Kei Urana knows how to express, what she is thinking, and what the people are thinking just by art alone. 

Gachiakuta (credits: Kei Urana)

Not a lot of people can do it like this, like look at the contrast between the Vandal Boss and Rudou, look at how confident the Vandal Boss is, that everything that he is about to do, he is gonna go his way, you can see it in his face, and when you look at Rudou’s face, he doesn’t understand anything that is going on, and he is terrified, but you know who wasn’t terrified? the rest of the crew!!

Gachiakuta Chapter 47 Recap

Except for Rudou, the rest of the crew was not terrified, because this is the type of situation they expect, this is one of my favorite panels that Kei Urana drew, you should look at the details on Engine!!

We see that everybody is jumping into battle, everybody jumping in ready to let things fly, if you look at the Boss as soon as Rudou is coming in to attack, he already knows, he is just looking like everything is going on all according to the plan, and they get captured by the manhole now. I love this specifically because now we are in “Prime” enemy territory, we have never been here before, so now, we gonna see what we do while being dragged here. 

The only ones who didn’t get dragged here were the Supporters, and that spells trouble for us unless there is somebody amongst our crew who can handle the healing,  this is crazy, because we have the number advantage, and we have some of our favorites characters, but that gives me more reasons to be scared because now Kei Urana has the wherewithal to kill one of these characters off, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

It is so cool seeing that everybody gets dragged in, you can tell that the main cast is always around, Rudou did not want to let him go, and Riyou looked more scared than anything to lose him and I am curious as to why I wonder what Kei Urana is doing with this character. Engine was the most determined character here because again, they love Rudou, they just want to see him prosper, they wanna see him succeed, that is the homie, and it is the main characters, so you know, they got him, they gotta care but do they affects. 

Gachiakuta Chapter 48

CC: Gachiakuta (Credits: Pocket)

As I said that this all went according to plan even the little homie was like “Caught the Cleaners”, this is what they wanted, to trap them, this is unfortunate. As soon as we get there everybody is still calm, they are still cool on the outside, everybody was hungry though, including Engine, like everybody wanted to eat, but there was somebody who wasn’t calm, there is somebody who despite everybody trying to get like a play of the land and like an understanding of the situation that was somebody who was not with the mess, and that was Rudou… Rudou is pissed!!

Rudou says that they did something to Amo, but the black that is enveloping the text bubble is ominous, you could tell by the design of the bubbles. Engine understood this more than anything, you see the determination on Engine’s face, and everybody’s faces, because the lights come on, and we got a beautiful shot. The reason I think that is beautiful is because of what it conveys, this is a grim situation.

Gachiakuta Chapter 48

Gachiakuta (credits: Kei Urana)

We are in a place that we don’t know and we are facing off with somebody who you can surmise is the main villain of Gachiakuta, even though I do not believe that this could very well be the case, and we get to the last few pages, shout out to the redraw team they put this together absolutely insane, this is one of the coldest moment in the Gachiakuta to history.

Gachiakuta Chapter 48 Spoilers

As of now, there are not any official spoilers revealed for the upcoming Gachiakuta Chapter 48. After seeing the last panel, we don’t know what could happen, and secondly, Rudou actually cared about somebody, he is not worried about himself, he is worried about one of the first, like real true friends, that he met down here, in almost somebody that he likes cares about. 

Gachiakuta Chapter 48

Gachiakuta (credits: Kei Urana)

In addition to that, he is face to face with somebody who could have potentially killed Regto, and that is very important, I have a theory for that because that manhole is super important. Aside from that, one of the things that bring me hope for this upcoming potential battle, we don’t know what Team Child Meeting Time is, we have absolutely no idea, what Team Child can do, and that is a really really good point that I am making here with that because we know what everyone else can do. 

We know what Engine, Riyou, and Zanka can do, we know what they can do but Team Child is a mystery, so this could potentially be what saves our strategies, but the previous chapter was insane. Not insane in the sense of the dialogue was crazy, it was not about what they said, it is about where this is going.  

If you read enough manga, you are able to see, where things are going, and you are able to distinguish what is what and Kei Urana literally spells it out for you.

Gachiakuta Chapter 48 Release Date

The upcoming Gachiakuta Chapter 48 is scheduled to be released on March 21, 2023. Here are different times and dates, for which the upcoming chapter of Gachiakuta, according to different time zones. 

  • India Standard Time (IST): 5:52 AM on March 22, 2023
  • United States Eastern Time (ET): 7:22 PM on March 21, 2023
  • United Kingdom Time (GMT): 11:22 PM on March 21, 2023
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT): 10:22 AM on March 22, 2023
  • Japan Standard Time (JST): 8:22 AM on March 22, 2023
  • China Standard Time (CST): 7:22 AM on March 22, 2023
  • Malaysia Time (MYT): 7:22 AM on March 22, 2023
  • Canada Eastern Time (ET): 7:22 PM on March 21, 2023

Where To Read Gachiakuta Chapter 48

You can read the upcoming Gachiakuta Chapter 48 directly on Pocket, at the mentioned time, along with all the previous and future releases of the series. Unfortunately, there are not any official manga reading sites, featuring Gachiakuta with the official English translation, but considering the recent boom, we can hope to see one very soon.

In the meantime, you can check out the “review” section of our site, to get our view on some of the best manga, anime, movies, and TV shows. This will also help you to expand your bucket list.

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