Hogwarts Legacy gets an Arachnophobia Mode to make the spiders less scary

Harry Potter fans and spider haters rejoice! The Hogwarts Legacy video game is celebrating racking up one billion dollars in global sales by giving those new witches and wizards the option to cast a spell and change the appearance of the games spiders.

The game has received a patch to add an Arachnophobia Mode, which will enable gamers to make the spiders somewhat less intimidating.

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Hit currently has the game on for £52.85. That’s a £17 saving over the RRP. Considering it was only released on April 28 this is a great saving.

The mode can be toggled on and off in the accessibility settings and will make heading into spider-infested areas of the game a little less intimidating.

And here’s what they look like with the mode toggled on, which is far less terrifying than the originals that are up their with the T-Virus infected spiders in Resident Evil 2 that still haunt our nightmares to this very day.

You can see the portion of patch notes pertaining to the change below:

An Arachnophobia Mode has been added to the accessibility options. When toggled on, this mode:

– Changes all enemy spider appearances
– Reduces and removes spider skitters and screeches
– Removes small spider ground effect spawners
– Makes static spider corpses in the world invisible
– Collision is still active to prevent players from getting stuck when toggling this setting
– Note that spider images in the Field Guide remain unchanged

The update comes after Warner Brothers announced the game has now racked up 15 million sales since its launch on February 7. The game has survived the controversy surrounding the non-involvement of J.K. Rowling to became the first game of the year to hit a billion dollars.

“The Q1 launch of Hogwarts Legacy was the largest release of all time for Warner Bros. Games and is the best selling game year-to-date with over $1 billion in retail sales,” Warner Bros. announced in a press release this week.

The Harry Potter gravy train is showing no signs of abating with a brand new series coming to the Max (nee HBO Max) streaming service in the future.

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