How 41 Married Women Spend Their Alone Time

How 41 Married Women Spend Their Alone Time


“I just adore the quiet. My husband blows his nose at least 20 times daily — not normally, but VERY loudly with honking. He makes all his facial tissues vibrate every time, and he swears it clears it out better, but the reality is that it just inflames his face more. But it’s a habit and will be one forever. Also, the questions. He wants to know where I am, what I’m doing, what there is to eat, how to make it, what goes with it, which of his clothes are clean, which of his clothes he should wear, and asks other random questions that have nothing to do with anything. Between the snoring, the loud morning noises, and the singing along to his favorite songs, the man makes a lot of loud sounds. So when he’s out of town, I don’t have any sort of noise happening, no TV or music or anything. Just quiet. Man, I love that.”

“There was a time a while back when all those things annoyed me to near death, but thinking that there might be a day when I CAN’T hear him from downstairs really chilled my complaints.”


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