How do I install WordPress | How to Install WordPress - Blog and tricks

How do I install WordPress | How to Install WordPress – Blog and tricks

How do you install WordPress

The most common and difficult question is, how to Install WordPress? Installing WordPress is fun and 2-minute work.

Your Maggi will not cook in 5 minutes but you can install WordPress in 5 minutes depending on the way of your installation and environment.

How to install WordPress on windows 10

WordPress Installation steps are generally the same on all the servers and quite different in other environments.

You can install WordPress locally on Your computer using apps like Local by Flywheel, Desktop server, XAMPP, WAMP or other similar tools depend on your experience with WordPress.

If You are just new, Go with Local by Flywheel app. It is simple, easy to use tool to deploy a WordPress site locally on your computer.

Local by Flywheel is available for Mac and Windows both.

Now, If You want to Install WordPress on hosting then there are also different ways to install WordPress like using a one-click installer, WP-CLI, SHH, and more.

One-click installer like Softaculous and Installatron is most popular and trusted and now included with most shared hosting.

Managed WordPress hostings Generally not use any installer but use a similar approach but in a fast and effective setup to install WordPress site.

There focus is limited to produce a good easy WordPress installation for their users.

MySQL Database, it’s the foremost important file for your site because this the one who keeps your contents like Text, settings, files link, and pictures link included in your post.

Managed hosting like StudioPress sites, Flywheel, Kinsta has a feature-rich dashboard for your WordPress site. However, most of the time it is not affordable for new users.

Don’t worry. Be Happy. You can install WordPress on shared hosting or on a cPanel hosting.

How to Install WordPress | How do you install WordPress

WordPress requires MySQL, PHP to save your WordPress Installation records and keep saving all the setup, options, and settings.

MySQL Database, it’s the foremost important file for your site because this the one who keeps your contents like Text, settings, files link, and pictures link included in your post.

The second important thing is your wp-content folder. This includes all your files, themes, and plugins.

and 3rd which is kind of power is your wp-config.php file which keeps a record of your Database Username and Password.

Installation Guide:-

Download the latest version of WordPress using this link.

Upload it to your Public_html folder.

Extract it.

Move all the files from the ‘WordPress’ folder to public_html

Open the site and It will redirect it to setup link.

Please note:- You need to access the site according to the installation you want like.

  • HTTP://
  • https://
  • http://www.
  • https://www

HTTP/2 or https:// is now most recommended option. HTTP/2 requires an SSL certificate which you can install. If you just want to test the installation, you can go with HTTP://

You need to access it like if you want www to be added.

You will need to put the following items before proceeding.

1. Database name

2. Database username

3. Database password

4. Database host- Leave it to default ‘localhost’

You will need to follow the setup to create a database.

1. Back to the hosting and click on ‘Database’.

2. Create a new database.

3. Fill the ‘database name’, ‘username’, ‘password’ and write in a TextPad.

4. Back to the Installation page and fill out the information.


You are now

Select the preferred language and ‘Continue’.

We have all the information related to Database so, click ‘Let’s go!’

1. Fill out the specified information which you’ve got saved in your notepad in step with their filed and click on ‘SUBMIT’

2. You will receive a welcome msg if everything is correct. Click ‘Run the installation’.

3. Fill out the

1. Site Title

2. Description

3. Username

4. Password.

5. Your Email

and click ‘Install WordPress’.

Your WordPress installation is completed Successfully. and you’ll access it using after adding /wp-admin/ at the top of your site URL like

Time to Explore it.

How does WordPress Installation work?

When you fill the database information, the WordPress config.php file saves the roadway to connect to the database to save lots of your WordPress Installation details includes Username, password, and email.

Then he processes the installation and once it finishes, it’ll start recording your settings, your contents like text, options, and more…

You can always change anything later if you want to.

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