How to develop a dating app like Tinder?

How to Develop an app like Tinder

No doubt, modern technologies have changed man-machine relations a lot along with interpersonal relationships.  Thus, back in time, people used to send a handwritten letter to someone and meet them personally to notify them about the meeting. In this technological era, more and more people are going online to find a life partner.  Therefore, this is the main reason behind the popularity of chatting and dating apps these days. On the other hand, If you are going to make a similar app like Tinder, you need to hire the best mobile app development company in India to get the optimal results.

Tinder Statistics

Tinder’s Game-Changing Story

Matchmaking is as old as the world but online dating has
already been here for many years.

It’s all changed now. 

As a result, most people now agree that it was a good way to meet people.  So, what happened over these years that cause U-turn in our beliefs and habits?

First, mobile phones grew at the speed of the light.
Then,  new and innovative mobile apps
have come to make your life more easy and comfortable.

Moreover, Tinder has broken all the records among all the existing dating platforms and mobile applications by attracting billions of people through its attractive features.  Due to the Tinder’s enormous popularity, 70% of online daters mobile users use this app.

Tinder is a geo-location-based dating app aired in October 2012. In less than a year, it grew from a local region to worldwide.  This app got popular due to its extraordinary feature of innovative swipe technique and elegant design. However, It’s already estimated to have 50 million users with 1.4 billion swipes per day.

The Secret of Success Behind Tinder App

Above all, the truth behind the popularity of this app is its simplicity and visuals. The registration process is not available in this app. Similarly, you can log in with the help of Facebook so that it can fetch valuable information from there. Furthermore, you can also modify all the details according to your requirements.

The actual cost to create a clone app like Tinder depends upon the features you are choosing for it. Tinder is a dating app that uses geolocation for matching. In fact, many traditional apps use traditional personal information such as user surveys, etc.

1.  Simplicity

This app integrates various dating apps and hookup apps.  By doing so, it made a hybrid app.  According to the algorithm, people give a rating to the profile,  it is popularized by a feature such as Hot or Not and excitement of the apps like people can browse photos of people who are nearby those are eager up to meet up that make a Tinder app. Because it is easy to use while waiting in line. Effortless setup via Facebook is equally inviting.

2. Unique UX Formula

By accessing this app, swipe, flirt and start dating. Mutual interest is mandatory to start any relationship. By searching for a beautiful face gives a relaxing and unique experience. In addition, the most important feature, the app addresses the present day’s human stress like fear of rejection and deters the creepy spammers with the double-opt-in feature.

3. Vicinity Feature

Fix a date when you are in a happy mood.  On the other hand, many other digital solutions are also trying to complete this app with the help of their compatibility algorithm and secret love formula. Furthermore, Tinder shows the other entire user in your immediate vicinity.

4. Extraordinary Customer Development Strategy

Their cozy gamified experience has transformed them into
proficient customers. In fact, the following factors collectively contributed
to the business stable growth:

• Ease of customer attainment

• Well-organized promotion campaign

• Generating a trend

• More socially acceptable than other ‘hookup’ apps

• Stickiness due to smart and timely product extensions and monetization programs

Algorithms Behind Tinder

The aspiration to build a Tinder clone doesn’t fade over the years. Obviously, that’s due to its stunning popularity. The statistics of the tinder app are quite impressive.  Moreover, many people are interested to know what things make this dating app so in demand.

So you may be interested in what makes the dating app like Tinder so in-demand. First, the functionality of this app is really simple and user-friendly. It simply lies in swipe left or right or skipping a particular person.  If another person also returns the affection. Tinder creates a match.

Also, It is true that the Tinder app may look simple but it is an illusion. You may be surprised to know that there is an algorithm for some sort as you do not need to fill any questionnaires. You just need to give your Facebook access and the rest app will do everything. Tinder claims that their algorithm took two months to complete. Many product developers tried hard to crack it. Have a look over it:

Tinder’s system rates users against multiple metrics.  However, your ranking depends on three major

1. Desirability:  how many right swipes you get

2. Involvement: how actively you are using this app and how often you check the updates.

3. Choosiness: how demanding you are. More selective one will be rank higher.

Moreover, Tinder’s algorithm not only facilitates stickiness by incentivizing you to visit the app more often. Meanwhile, it also prompts you to generate leads. Want more matches? Invite more friends.

The Hook Model- Its Secret Weapon

Due to this gamified model of the Tinder, this app is mainly used for gaming purposes only. Furthermore, everything belongs to the gaming spirit. It has got various features from animated design to the ranking algorithms. 

However, The mechanics for this process is as simple as that.  The four major steps for the user interaction with the product are:

1. Trigger

2. Action

3.  Investment

4. Variable reward

As a result, the whole process comes under the Hook model. The profile that captures a lot of hearts will be rewarded as more attention, pleasure and infatuates the mind.

Tinder App Features and Technologies in Use

The algorithm that we discuss above has various points that you should focus on but many functions are also available. Therefore, the main implementation of this app needs a lot of time and money. The can also dating app development company suggest more features related to this concern.

1. Authorization and User Profile

You should use a Facebook authorization engine while developing an app like Tinder. It is mainly implemented with the help of open authorizations protocols like OAuth. This registration is necessary to remember all the credentials related to social media platforms. Further, by using these credentials it helps to create a new account within the application. You can also log in with the help of a phone number.  Thus, to develop your own Tinder-like app you can go and use any existing kinds of authorization. Our best mobile developers can definitely help you to choose the best.

After its authorization, it would be a good idea to show them some new functionality along with existing functionality.  Furthermore, profile editing is implemented by using both client and server sides of the application.  On the client-side, the user enters and edits the data. On the server, its appropriate records are protected.

Tinder also allows creating a web profile so it can be used beyond the mobile application. As a result, when clicking the ‘Like me on Tinder’ button the user is redirected directly to the application or to the Play Market/App Store in case the application is not installed.

According to the mechanism, client-side send request to the server. The server remembers that the user wants his photo to be seen when clicking the link. The server generates the link and shows the photo to everyone who clicks it. Hence, this is how Tinder works with users and their profiles. Try to use the same approach when you create an app like Tinder.

2. Setting and Notifications

Similar to the other apps, Tinder also user-friendly
features like adjusting the setting for a better experience.  You can easily enable or disable the
notifications related to the messages received, super likes.  You can also choose the measurements of the
distance so that you can see the profile according to the mentioned vicinity.

Along with the user-setting which are above defined, you can also adjust Tinder-specific settings with the help of enabling/disable discovery so that other users can easily find you or not find you according to your preferences.  You can also choose your interest in men, women or both along with adjusting your distance as well.  If you want to develop a similar app, you need to ensure that user accounts are set up properly.

3. Geolocation and Communication

 Mainly Tinder app is
a location-based app. Without it, this app would be useless as it is based on
the algorithm to find out people nearby you. Your app development team can make
use of Geolocation API and core location to create a dating app like
Tinder.  Android developers can use
android. location package and MapView classes and for iOS – the CLLocation
Manager class and Map Kit Framework.

In this app, the user is able to chat only when their
profile is matched otherwise chat is disabling. 
According to rule, this function is applied with the help of RESTful API
or using HTTP. Permanent socket connections are not involved to avoid server
overload. Permanent socket connections are not involved in order not to
overload the server. The polling interval is set up depending on the frequency
of the messages being sent.

Moreover, user can associate their tinder profile with the
Instagram account to fetch the latest content of the Instagram built vice-versa
is not true.

5. Monetization: In-app purchases

Users can go for the paid subscription to enhance its functionality. These in-app purchase features such as change of location, more swipe options etc. are integrated with the premium version.

Now you have a complete idea of how to make an app like Tinder. However, the list of features cannot make the whole list of costs needed to build a Tinder app clear.   You can also add some unique features to make your app slightly different from the existing Tinder app. Do not forget that you should implement such important things as the database structure, data access object (DAO) layer, Rest API, etc.

The Business Model of Dating App Like Tinder

According to the survey, 
it is estimated that people are spending more than one hour daily on
online dating apps. These apps are also a source of making some money as well.

For instance, as a free app, many of use its general features initially. Users have to pay some extra bulks to enjoy their premium features. Moreover, there will be no advertisement option as well.SO you can enjoy this app hassle-free. by paying the monthly charges, the user can also boost their profile for more visibility. It simply means the more money you spend on the premium features the more advantages you will get.

Dating applications can easily monetize it by advertising. Around 90% of the applications use cash through advertising procedures.  But, do not forget that teaming of your application with ads can irritate their users.  Moreover, incorporating gift options can be a collateral means of making money.

Benefits of This Dating App

Above all, there is a number of perks for using dating apps.  It helps people to become close to those who have the same skills as you and build a beautiful relationship.

1.   Find the best match

One of the major benefits of this dating app is that it helps to bring two like-minded people closer who are sharing the same interests and likes.  Therefore, online dating application plays as a cupid and helps to let the people find their best match through calling and chatting.

2.   Better chance for
the marketer

This app mainly targeted the age group that lies between 18-30 years of age.  You can also promote your products and services through this app. Hence, you can easily sell direct promotional activities by knowing their interests, likes, and preferences.

3. Business branding and marketing

This is an excellent medium to enhance your business branding and market your product. Moreover, with millions of followers, this platform can be effectively used for increasing the digital presence of your company.

4. Unbroken communication

This app helps people to communicate and create a network with anybody. Here you can limit the distance range as well so that you can find people nearby you because, through dating apps, one can effortlessly convey their emotions through chats and messages and know if the other person is the perfect match for them or not.

5. Making people confident

This app helps to make people more comfortable and confident so that they can boost their public image. And, Even if is for conducting a normal conversation, try to find it difficult to break the ice and resolve their social anxiety issues.

6. Tinder Gold

It adds a new Likes You feature. It lets you see how many likes you have and a grid of the people who liked you. Also, You can like back, dismiss, or check the person’s profile without wasting time in swiping. Its price ranges across countries from $14.99 to $82.99. You can switch from Tinder Plus for $5.

7. It really works!

The dating apps work on some algorithms that allow you to get a swipe right to find your perfect match. Moreover, the number of options that are mainly not possible in real life, you can do it with the help of this amazing dating app.

Tinder’s Technology Stack

Of course, Tinder’s is not the only possible tech solution for building a dating app. Nor has their strategy always been a straight road. But, here’s Tinder’s technology stack:

  • Android-Java, Kotlin
  • iOS- Objective-C, Swift
  • Backend / API -Scala, SQS, Kinesis, Kafka, Spark, Kubernetes, Rundeck and EMR, Node.js
  • Database-Mongo, Dynamo, Redis
  • Product & Design-Adobe Typekit, Blossom, Google Fonts, Sketch
  • Marketing- Amazon SES, Mailgun, SendGrid
  • HR- Greenhouse
  • Analytics- Google Analytics
  • Productivity & Accounting- G Suite, Siftery

Cost Estimation

If you are willing to make your own dating app and wanted to know how much does it cost to make an app like Tinder. As a result, you need to have a heavy budget for this purpose.  The clone app like Tinder demands strong functionality with complex architecture and lengthy development process. Even a simple version for one platform may consume over 1000 hours. The biggest cost components to making an app like Tinder:

• App development for a single platform – nearly 1000 hours,

• Backend – 200+ hours,

• Design – near 100 hours,

• Testing – up to 100 hours.

Above all, the development team that you will hire to make an app will be paid on an hourly basis.  As a result, on an hourly basis, you can easily judge, how costly this app is.


In nutshell, we can say that the Tinder app is a success and it is working perfectly fine. Despite the app’s popularity, the character of user activity doesn’t indicate much of dating intention. Moreover, it is estimated that 70% of the app users never thought to go out for a date. Well, it purely matters of personal preference.

Therefore, If you are also interested to make a dating app like Tinder, consult one of the top mobile app development companies in India to develop a similar app like Tinder. if you plan your dating app to be in use by thousands or millions of people, building a scalable backend would take much more time. The cost of this app will be purely dependent upon the features that should present in your app.

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