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Do you have any freaky ideas to turn into a productive or profitable app? Or you are a manager planning to organize your developer’s team but don’t have the technical knowledge on how to hire app developers? Each idea or startup needs critical execution without which the outcome will not be adequate. Therefore, before starting your app or growing a team, it is vital to know how to hire app developers.

It is even more difficult to know how to find app developers when you are a non-technical authorized person. You should comprehend the complexities of hiring the ideal developer to get everything taken care of. Not only non-tech individuals but also proficient recruiters commit employing errors since there is a wide range of programming tools and languages. So, how do hire app developers successfully?

In this blog, we will clarify the steps to consider, reveal ways to hire, and the best options to choose. Therefore let’s get started with the steps to consider before hiring developers for apps.

Points to consider while hiring app developers for your startup


  • Firstly, you need to do detailed research in whichever niche you choose to develop your mobile app. Figure out your targeted audience, competitors, and conceivable hurdles.

Rough Sketch/ UX UI

  • Before you hire app developers you need to design wireframes for the application so that developers get a perfect idea. Wireframes help your development team to get a precise idea of workflow. Because wireframes have a detailed description of the components you need in your application. Also, wireframes and the predecided design of the app help to make your app user-friendly.

Development Platform

  • You need to figure out which development platform will give you user-friendly and cost-effective development. Also, if you find initially that you just need an android app then only go for single platform development. And then later on choose other platforms to develop your app.

Unique Features

  • While starting app development, your developers or team manager will ask you in advance about the facilities you need in your application. Facilities/features will let your developers decide which tech stack is required to use while developing the app.
  • Moreover, if you don’t want to add all the features at once, you can plan some features later on.

Check out the video to know how to hire app developers when you have no technical knowledge

How to hire app developers or what are the ways to hire developers?

Since we have seen the proper steps to hire app developers, now let’s check which are the best ways to hire top app developers. Here are the ways: Outsource a Business Partner, Hire Onsite Developers, and Find Remote Developers.

Outsource a Business Partner

Outsourcing business partners means hiring a company or partner who has technical knowledge or a developers’ team. In short, you are asking for a company or development team that is located in other countries. While doing so, team leaders will keep you updated about the development. Importantly, you will not have to hire developers for development as you get it readymade with an outsourcing business partner. Also, outsourcing a business team will not cost you more than hiring an in-house team. Additionally, with the outsource team, you can leverage management benefits since the team includes interns to the CEO. (as per your need)

Hire Onsite Developers

Hire an onsite or in-house developers team to develop products under your special guidance or observation. Also to have a high level of communication among your developer’s team companies hire onsite developers. Also if you want to maintain the product or add additional features then your team can be more helpful. To have complete control over the product and to relish outstanding teamwork, companies prefer onsite or in-house app developers. However, hiring onsite developers will cost you a fortune. Moreover, office maintenance, license for products, and hardware costs can also increase your additional expenses.

Find Remote Developers

Find a person who is a self-employed developer in your country or in another country. Freelancers can be cost-effective but they can be also risky at times. Since you are hiring a freelancer, you will have to manage everything on your own to organize a process. They are suitable for small tasks, and you can get a variety of specialists to hire in your team. While many companies have faced that freelancers are irresponsible, deliver low-quality products, and can find communication troubles. Still, hiring remote developers is a common technique among small business owners or entrepreneurs.

How to find the best or most suitable app developers for your startup?

There are thousands and millions of developers around the world, but which is best for you?

  • Firstly it is instructed to check soft and hard skills in developers you hire be it onsite or offsite. Wherein soft skills include stress management, deadline management, and effective communication with team and client. Hard skills include knowledge of programming languages, tools, frameworks, and more.
  • Cost matters but compromise with quality can ruin your business therefore, don’t commit that mistake.
  • Ensure that your development team or developers follow the development process or flow as decided.
  • Make sure the company or developer you hire has the ability to deal in all or multiple developing languages.
  • Make sure you have long-term and reliable development partners.
  • If you are outsourcing a team or hiring an experienced team, you can also ask for their pet project. Also, you can check the GitHub account of developers to clarify developers’ commitment.
  • You are the best decision-maker for your business, so while hiring developers make sure it belongs to your niche industry.

Final Words on How to Hire App Developers

I am sure after reading this, the development process would be clear in your mind even being non-technical. You must need a CTO or an experienced company like Ibiixo to hire developers for you or provide the best team. If you want to know why you should hire Ibiixo as your next development team, you can check here. Also, to know about the cost of hiring developers, get in touch with us or drop us a mail.

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