How to Smoke a Bowl for the First Time

There are plenty of things that adults take part in that were hard to get away with when we were teenagers. Smoking weed is one of those things that we all looked forward to doing once we could get our hands on some.

But, unlike getting drunk or going to an R-rated movie, no one is going to help you do it. You’ve got to figure out how to smoke a bowl for the first time all on your own.

Sounds nerve-wracking, right? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Just keep reading for our tried and true guide.

Gather the Necessary Tools for Smoking a Bowl

All you need is a pipe, a bowl, and something to light the bowl with. A lighter or matches work great, but a hemp wick can also be used to avoid chemicals from a lighter.

When selecting a pipe, it should be made out of a non-toxic material such as glass or metal. And it should be the appropriate size for your bowl. Your bowl should then fit snugly in the pipe, with enough room for airflow when you eventually smoke weed.

Prepare the Bowl for Lighting

To prepare the bowl for lighting, start by packing the bowl tightly with weed from a cannabis dispensary like HighProfile. Carefully grind the bud and sprinkle it evenly into the bowl until it is full.

Then, using a tamper or another similar tool, pack down the ground cannabis until it is firmly packed. In the middle of the bowl, carve out a small indentation with a poker tool to allow a path for the smoke to travel up.

Once the bowl is firmly packed and the depression is created, it is now time to light the bowl. Be sure to move the flame of your lighter, or match, around the entire bowl in a circular motion to ensure an even burn throughout all the flowers in the bowl.

Take Inhales During Smoking

When inhaling, draw a deep breath like you would when breathing normally. Exhale after about three to four seconds of inhalation. Each time you inhale, you’ll need to have fresh embers on top of your bowl to maintain the correct temperature and get the best flavor.

Make sure you’re not taking in too much, as that can be overwhelming. One of the good smoking tips for beginners is taking smaller inhales can also help prevent you from coughing. Releasing the smoke slowly and exhaling will allow more of the flavor to fill your taste buds and make your smoking experience pleasant.

Clean and Store the Bowl After Use

Focus on cleaning out the bowl of all material, both on the inside and outside. You should use a pipe or glass cleaning brush and some rubbing alcohol to scrub away all residue from the inside of the bowl. Once it’s clean, be sure to store it safely away from heat and moisture and in a place where it won’t become damaged.

Don’t Be Afraid to Smoke a Bowl for the First Time

To smoke a bowl for the first time is enjoyable and easy. Hopefully, with the helpful steps we’ve outlined, you’ll have a stress-free experience.

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from more experienced smokers if you have any questions. Enjoy your first time smoking a bowl, and happy inhaling!

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