How We Played a Vital Role With Myco in Transforming the Content Landscape

About the Client

Myco, formerly known as MContent is web3 platform where viewers earn every time they watch content. They aim to revolutionize the entertainment industry by not only giving the viewers power, but also content creators by streaming, funding, producing, and distributing original film, television, and live content.

To enhance Myco’s user experience, we at Pixel Studios, created a bespoke design which breathed new life into Myco’s platform, resulting in a significant boost to their brand and user engagement.

The Challenge

The previous version of Myco’s website lacked several modern features that are expected from a streaming platform, and the clients expressed concerns that the website failed to effectively convey the business propositions. Additionally, the previous website failed to highlight some of the other streaming features that Myco offers to its users.

Our Solution


The revamped website helped the audience to:

The Experience

The client was thrilled with the final product, which surpassed their expectations. Our frequent collaborations and interactions with Myco’s key stakeholders and other teams allowed us to deliver a revamped website with improved UI/UX and website standards.

At Pixel Studios, we firmly believe that a simple and user-friendly website can leave an indelible impression on a brand or service. By focusing on the needs and preferences of the end-user, we were able to create a website that not only looked great but also functioned flawlessly.

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