If Your Home’s Aesthetic Is Everything To You, Here Are 46 Things You Won’t Want To Miss

If Your Home's Aesthetic Is Everything To You, Here Are 46 Things You Won't Want To Miss

This beauty has a 10-cup capacity and even stores your favorite settings for number of cups, temperature, and brew strength. It’s also equipped with built-in Wi-Fi that works with the SmartHQ app, Alexa, and Google. You can brew to your favorite temperature every time thanks to a precision coffee maker that creates drip coffee from 185–205 degrees. BTW, you’ll need cone-shaped filters for this!

Promising review: “I bought this gorgeous machine for my coffee snob husband for Father’s Day. I went with the stainless and thermal carafe. After going through roughly six coffee makers in the last three years, we found a keeper. I thought he was going to cry drinking the first cup brewed using the Gold setting. Price is a little steep, but certainly cheaper than the total cost of all the fails we’ve gone through. Bonus points for the engagement of our teenagers setting it up on Wi-Fi and integrating with Alexa. I love the the convenience of the app. It makes setting schedules so easy. I can set up the entire week based on everyone’s calendar. It’s amazeballs. 

“We have yet to play around with the settings since Gold has been a win, but the ability to make the amount you want on demand is wonderful. We usually start out the day with the max of 10 cups (I do wish it was 12), then make additional smaller amounts on demand. Brew time is FAST, maybe six minutes. I keep meaning to time it and keep forgetting. This is a fancy looking maker and looks amazing on the countertop. Even the box is high-end. My frugal husband gave me serious side-eye when opening it. I could see the ‘WTF did you spend on this?’ on his face. First cup and he was content and would possibly have sacrificed our first born for it. It’s a keeper.” —Hilary

Get it from Amazon for $282.24 (also available in two other colors and two carafe styles).

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