If Your Pet Is Terrified Of Fireworks, These Expert-Recommended Products Can Really Help

More pets go missing during the Fourth of July than any other day of the year, according to Dr. Carly Fox, a senior veterinarian at New York City’s Schwarzman Animal Medical Center. Yet this sobering fact may not surprise pet owners, as the holiday is often marked by fireworks displays that can terrify animals.

From a pet’s perspective, this fear is valid: Fireworks are completely unexpected explosions that are incredibly loud and often literally make floors and walls shake. Plus, our pets’ unique physiology makes firework shows even more disorienting: “Dogs can hear twice as many frequencies as people,” Fox explained, “so even fireworks from far away can be panic-inducing.”

As a result, it’s natural for pets to experience a “fight or flight” response to fireworks, Fox explained, which can induce your beloved dog or cat to bolt or hide. This reaction can also intensified by prior negative experiences with loud noises, which you may not even be aware of if you’ve adopted or rescued your pet.

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