Introduction to JAVA Script.

Hello Friends, I am Mohammad Danish. Today you know about JAVA Script. In this generation, Computer is the very important part of our life. And If you interested in computer and you work in Computer Field. So JAVA is the very important For you.

                                                                  Java Script is an interpenetrated Object orient and high level Scripting language.By the term of Interpenetrated be means that it’s command are executed by the web browser in the order in which browser read them. By the term of Object oriented Be means that it work by manipulating object on the web page, Such As Windows, Documents, images etc. It’s group these object in two hierarchical  in structure That enables developers to manipulate more easily by the term scripting language. Be mean that program that run inside another program in the original form and are interpenetrated command by cmd each time they run. JAVA Script is composed of Three Parts:-

Core JAVA Script, Client side JAVA Script and Server side JAVA Script.


In order to create a JAVA Script program. There are multiple editors available to use JAVA Script; DE-bugging Tools etc. Some most commonly used editors are Notepad, M.S. Front page, Macro media Home side F etc. Among these Notepad is the most commonly used as it is available.
                                  The first scripting written in JAVA Script that will print some Text in the web page. The steps involves are:-

  1. Open Notepad By clicking o start—-> My program ——> accessories———> Notepad.
  2. Now type the following HTML Code.
  3. When save the file as Java Script Dot HTML.  At the desired the Location.
  4. Finally the open any web browser and view the web page by navigating to the location where you saved HTML file. Double click On the file you will see a desired content.

As Example you run this program to show below:-

Write a script to Print “Hello” :-

<script language= “java script”>
Document write (“Hello”)

When you write the codding now you save your file. And it must be very important to use the extension Dot HTML(.html) If you don’t use extension then your file is not run in browser.
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