Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 216 Spoilers and Raw Scans: THE KING OF CURSES

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 216 Spoilers and Raw Scans

We got the Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 216 spoilers and raw scans, after an amazing chapter, where we got to know there is going to be a ritual by Sukuna in order to sort of get his original body back, fans of the series are really excited to know more about it, and we are here for you!

In the next chapter, we are continuing the craziness of Sukuna’s resurgence, because in this chapter, he is entering the “bath” that we have been hearing a lot now and then. In order to get into that, let us first take a quick look at the previous chapter.

We saw Maki and Yuuji taking on Sukuna in a somewhat competitive battle, I mean they were not able to really do too much, but they were able to keep him at that bay and it eventually got to the point of Uraume showing up and they used their maximum technique and wounded up freezing Maki and Yuuji.

This gave enough time to Sukuna in order to summon Nue and fly away but before that, he says to Uraume that he needs to polish up this form and they should prepare the bath first, and that brings up to the beginning of this chapter.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 216 Spoilers

At the beginning of the chapter, we see that Uraume is all dressed up wearing a ritual robe for the bath of Sukuna all the way to the Zenin Clan, and here Sukuna is not alone, along with him we see Kenjaku. When Uraume asks Kenjaku the reason why he is not ending the Culling Game, he says that he wants to merge Tengen into it but for now even more interested in this “bath”.

Okay, this is something that needs to be addressed because he seemingly has everything set up in the palm of his hand, but we are still not privy to a lot of information, like a lot of stuff kind of happens off-panel and a lot of time went by without us seeing exactly what was going on as I think we are missing like an entire 24 hours or maybe even 48 hours of time here, but what had happened was the soldiers that had entered the Culling Game were used successfully and their cursed energy as added to the barrier of the Culling Game. 

After that Kenjaku was able to defeat his opponent and hang in by proxy because Tengen wound up crawling up in a ball or something after the big black hole battle thing that went down and I guess Kenjaku has controlled Tengen and I don’t know if Kenjaku necessarily needs like 10 Tengeble forms because Tengen has said that they are more of an abstraction now than anything like they kind of just exist in the atmosphere. 

As he said before, he is going to use the Barrier of the Culling Game, to merge that aspect of Tengen with all of the people of Japan, and they are going to make this big curse monster thing. So yeah, it is understandable, that Kenjaku is going to take his time before doing that because you know, that is gonna take us to the very end of the series if he does that right now.

According to the rules of the “bath,” it was originally a ritual to incarnate vessels that had been treasured as family heirlooms, and in order to do that the vessel has to soak for 10 months and 10 days in a special solution made by curse energy, this solution is obtained by crushing and training carefully selected creatures with an inhuman poison.

That is fascinating, this is some Heian Era stuff that was getting so excited into here like we have never heard anything about all this, but as for the whole to incarnate vessels that had been treasured as the family heirlooms, I think that implies that this something that was going on for a while, I don’t think Kenjaku necessarily invented this whole process of reincarnating sorcerer’s recursive objects into the bodies of the others, but it seems like this was way more of a common thing back in the day.

Later in the chapter, we see that Kenjaku asks why are they all going through all this, where Uraume replies that by doing this they are trying to get close to the “demon”, he adds that all this ritual is to suppress Megumi Fushiguro’s soul deeper into the depths, and eventually suppressing his resistance.

That is kind of a twist, in my opinion, soo Kenjaku is asking questions which is not typical of him, he usually is the one with the answers, and I think that they were all kind of on the same page here, but I guess even Kenjaku is not aware of the full plan here, because it seems like Uraume and Sukuna didn’t tell him everything but guess he just has to compromise, because he needed someone as powerful as Sukuna to get to where he needed to be, but as the whole thing is getting closer to the Demon, this just makes me more excited, and I guess it ties back into the Angel stuff.

This was because a couple of chapters back, Angel revealed that they knew Sukuna and he was the “disgrace one” or “the fallen one” and now obviously this Demon stuff is relating back to that. Maybe there is some kind of ascended level of sorcerers, where if you get strong enough and have enough knowledge you can become something more and you start to become like these “Angels” or “Demons”.

It is also possible that Sukuna might be altering his own soul similar to what MAhito was doing, simply because Maki brought up cutting Sukuna with her sword which I think is going to happen, but it would be too easy for him to die from it, so I think, altering your soul might have something to do with this Angel of Demons stuff.

Later in the chapter, we see that Sukuna ends up in the “bath” ritual!! He then gets off the “bath” and puts on the robe again, and then the scene changes to the Sendai Colony, where Uro and Rye sense a strange and creepy aura from far coming towards them. This was where Uro gets freaked out and says, “Here he comes, THE KING OF CURSES!!”

This is a huge and exciting twist, I did not expect it to move this quickly but Sukuna is already at Sendai and he is meeting up, and as we speculated before Uro does know who Sukuna is and it kind of implied that she did. 

Sukuna then in a second arrived in front of Ry and asks him if he won’t retreat, but on the other hand, before Ryu could even react Sukuna straight up slashes him, and then laughs at Ryu while saying, “What are you, I am going to cut you in more than one pieces but I can not do it!”.

So we are quickly going into Sukuna vs Ryu, and yeah, it looks like he is trying to cleave and did mantle him but Ryu is surprisingly holding his own here like he is getting slashed, but he is not getting split apart by it, but he is visibly worried by Sukuna, and we are gonna find why. 

After that, we see Sukuna apologizes to Ryu and says that he has underestimated him, but he should be ready for the next attack, Ryu then steps back and tries his level best to use Granite Blast, but before he could even finish his attack, Sukuna slices of his face directly!! Rest In Peace Ryu…

This is his hype as it is unfortunate that he is straight-up slicing through Ryu’s head here meaning that Ryu is pretty much dead, and that is unfortunate because I really liked Ryu, he had a lot of potential and I was really looking forward to seeing where his character arc is going, but unfortunately, it was for not because he was just ultimately meant to be a jobber to Sukuna, so yeah, it is what it is. 

On the final page of the Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 216, Sukuna encountered Yorozu!!! This is the sorcerer who took over Tsumiki and he is also from the Heian Era, and apparently, these two have a history, because Yorozu has a one-sided crush or even unrequited love for Sukuna, and this is gonna be way more interesting.

You should come back after the chapter releases, to get a full review and our thoughts on the upcoming story, in the meantime, check out that “manga” section to get spoilers of all the leading ongoing manga. 

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