Kasane & Subaru Chapter 12: Release Date & Where To Read

Kasane & Subaru

Kasane & Subaru is a very light-hearted romantic comedy manga. It was written and illustrated by Yamada Kintetsu and started serializing in march 2022. This is a story about two very normal people named Shibata Kasane and Enokida Subaru.

Both Kasane and Subaru work at a company named Mazel House KK. It is a small company that does the design and development of children’s toys. This story has the perfect start for a rom-com series when Subaru falls on Kasane while he is working at the store. 

This incident made Kasane remember a certain memory in her past. She went to a hero show when she was a kid, and she liked a monster named Silbelgan, who was a mix of a Beluga whale and a hedgehog, and for some odd reason, when Subaru fell on her, she started thinking that he was the mascot of the monster she met at the hero show that day. 

With this, the funny little adventure of Kasane & Subaru, full of little wholesome moments, begins. Subaru acts like our typical dense main character who does not get the easiest of clues, and Kasane tries her hardest to express her feelings to him. 

Kasane & Subaru

Today, we will talk about the upcoming chapter of Kasane & Subaru, Chapter 12. We will provide you with every detail, from the release date to spoilers. So stay tuned till the end of this article.

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Kasane & Subaru Chapter 11: Recap

Before talking about the leaks, raw scans, and release date of the upcoming chapter, let us talk about the incidents of the previous chapter to have a recap of how the story has progressed up until now and what we can expect in future chapters.

As we know in the previous chapter Kasane and Subaru officially started dating, and both of them went back to Subaru’s place to take some rest after a long day at the convenience store. This chapter starts exactly where the previous one left, with Masamune barging into Subaru’s place on short notice. 

Masamune is surprised by seeing both of them together, so he asks if they are dating or not. Surprisingly our newly made couple wasn’t very secretive about it and told him that they had started dating. 

Kasane & Subaru

Kasane & Subaru | Chapter 11

Masamune then drops some supplies for Subaru for the upcoming cross-dressing meet-up. He tried his best to persuade Subaru to take the lead role as a Tall Guardian Warrior Woman and gave him a cosplay book to have more ideas on this whole meet-up thing.

After Masamune leaves, Kasane stays over a bit longer to discuss Subaru’s decision to take part in this meet-up. After Subaru drops off Kasane at the station, as soon as she reaches home, she gives out the good news of her getting a cute boyfriend to her roommates. 

Then the scene shifts back to Subaru, and we see him wearing a pair of shorts given by Masamune for the cross-dressing cosplay meet-up, and the chapter ends on this note.

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Kasane & Subaru Chapter 12: Release Date

Kasane & Subaru is very irregular and inconsistent regarding the release of new chapters. We get one chapter every month or two, so it’s a slow-paced series. However, we do know from the writers that the manga will issue on the 26th of every month. 

So it’s safe to say that the upcoming chapter of Kasane & Subaru, Chapter 12, will be released on Sunday, 26th March 2023.

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Kasane & Subaru Chapter 12: Where To Read

The official publishing rights for the series are with DPN Books. You can buy the official manga from their online website. However, this manga is fairly new and on the lower side of the popularity pole. There is no official publisher for the English scans.

This manga is available on some illegal websites, but we don’t recommend using them, and you should buy comics from the official publishers as it helps the author and everyone else working on the series. 

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