Kiruru Kill Me Vol. 1 Review [Manga Review]

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An Ecchi Assassin vs The Billionaire Who Loves Her

  • Mangaka : Kano, Yasuhiro
  • Publisher : Seven Seas
  • Genre : Action, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi
  • Published : Oct 2021 – present

Kiruru Kill Me is a new title in the assassin category that focuses heavily on romance and comedy. This first volume sets the premise, introduces the characters, and gives the readers a taste of how hilarious the interaction between a clumsy assassin and a lovesick billionaire can be. Here’s our review of Kiruru Kill Me Volume 1!

Aoi Nemo is the the young superstar in the world of Biomedical Engineering and the director of the Aoi Holdings, one of the biggest medical companies in the world. He devoted so much of his time to study and work that he barely had any time to get any friends, much less a girlfriend.

That is, until his chance encounter with Akaumi Kiruru, a beautiful girl who happens to be a newbie assassin. Aoi Nemo falls deeply in love at first sight. But as somebody who never had any romantic experience before, he does the only thing he knows that could get him closer to Kiruru. With all of the massive resources of Aoi Holdings behind him, Aoi Nemo secretly hires Akaumi Kiruru to kill him.

Why You Should Read Kiruru Kill Me

1. An Exciting Premise

There are numerous manga with stories that center around assassins out there, each to varying degrees of success. But “Kiruru Kill Me” still manages to bring a fresh twist into the familiar story. By creating a dynamic and unique relationship between the victim and the perpetrator, Kiruru Kill Me easily grabs hold of our curiosity and plays around with our expectations.

2. Great Blend of Comedy, Romance, and Ecchiness

Comedy, romance, and ecchi are some of the most saturated genres in shounen manga. In this mix, one could easily overpower the other and destroy the overall feel of the story. But Kiruru Kill Me plays that balancing act brilliantly, thus creating a warm, easy going, and flirtatious tone throughout the story.

3. Quirky characters

Kiruru Kill Me has a cast of characters with quirky personalities: the clumsy yet determined assassin, the genius lovesick billionaire, the nosy and animated right hand man, the uncle who likes to use his nephew’s name in order to be surrounded by pretty hostesses, the list goes on. The hilarious interaction between them contributes a lot to the overall enjoyment of the story.

Why You Should Skip Kiruru Kill Me

1. Bad Exposition

There’s a scene in this first volume where Kiruru explains his assassination plan while tailing his target, Aoi Nemo. That is bad exposition. There should be a better and more natural way to inform and explain the plan to the reader. Having the character talk about it while jogging alone is just lazy and unrealistic, and there are several other moments like that here. Hopefully things will improve in the next volume.

2. Repetitive

The premise is unique and exciting for the first two or three chapters. But once the characters repeat the same actions with different plans in the subsequent chapters, it gets repetitive. As a result, it’s nine chapters in and the story has barely moved forward. Introducing fun and exciting moments are good, but at some point, the story needs to move. Otherwise it’ll end up becoming something like a 4-koma.

Kiruru Kill Me is only in the first volume of its English release. Therefore it’s hard to say whether or not this will be a good or bad series. One thing for sure is it has a good foundation for a great story. Sure, there are bad decisions and executions here and there, but that shouldn’t turn you away from this series.

There are plenty more things that could be told and unfold in the subsequent volumes, and there are literally a million different ways to tell and expand this story. So for now, let’s see where the author decides to take the story in the second volume.

Have you read Kiruru Kill Me? If you have, what do you think about it? Love it? Hate it? And if you haven’t read it, would you consider picking this one up? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Kiruru-KILL-ME-manga Kiruru Kill Me Vol. 1 Review - An Ecchi Assassin vs The Billionaire Who Loves Her

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