So, first off, what made you want to do this movie?

Emma: I really like the book, and the dancing in the rain scene sounded terrifying to me, which it was.

Jack: Do you like piña coladas?

Emma: I do like piña coladas.

Jack: And dancing in the rain?

Sam: Did you have any on set?

Jack: Nah, but we could’ve done with them, couldn’t we!

Which actor is the most fun to be with on set? Someone who isn’t the person sitting next to you!

Emma: Harris Dickinson’s a lot of fun. I just shot something with him for a few months in New York and then we did this road trip around Utah as part of the series. That was really good fun!

Jack: I don’t know, some actors are quite fun, aren’t they?

Emma: Yeah, they can be.

Jack: First one that springs to mind is Dominic West. Good craic.

Sam: Any particular reason?

Jack: He nearly decked me. I accidentally walked into his hotel room very late one night, and he thought I was an intruder. I couldn’t get out of a curtain that was hanging behind the door! I thought I was my room, and he was waiting with one of them (makes fist). But then he took it dead well and we had a laugh about it.

Emma: I wanna hear his version of this story.

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