Lizzo and Baby Yoda’s Star Wars Mandalorian Moment Social Media

Image: Disney+

The warmest and most welcome addition to the Star Wars universe made her debut on The Mandalorian’s “Guns for Hire” episode.

Star Wars superfan and known Grogu admirer Lizzo made an appearance as the Dutchess of Plazir-15 in the Outer Rim territories during a side quest detour on the series. (Note: The Mandalorian subtitles and Lizzo spelled it “Dutchess,” so we’re going with that for now, despite a Lucasfilm tweet spelling it “Duchess.”) She’s a royal and elected official married to Jack Black’s Captain Bombardier, a reformed Imperial. And honestly we’re obsessed—her gown complete with holographic projected train, regal demeanor, instant connection with Grogu (and her delightful decision to knight the little guy)… all of “Guns for Hire” could have just centered on these characters. We want the Grogu and Lizzo cut of the episode, please Lucasfilm!

If like me you’re now wanting to see more about how it all came to happen, here’s a gallery of Lizzo’s posts, building up to her finally being able to share more about the experience of becoming Star Wars canon and besties with Grogu.

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