Love After Divorce: Season 4 Episode 7: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Love After Divorce: Season 4 Episode 7 is soon going to release next. This is a show that shows the lives of people who have faced divorce in their lives. The entire concept of the show is to find love again. Through their varying ways of intertwining people together at the end, who ends with whom is shown in the series. 

The show showcases to the viewers a group of people who are now divorced singles. They are all kept to stay at the same place, in a villa named Dolsing Village. How they cohabitate together in order to find their true love is something to watch out the show for. 

They are set to face various situations and circumstances, and how their instincts work along the way has been shown in detail in the show. It has already reached season 4, which naturally means it has already gathered much fame and love from the audience.

The positivity of the show and the idea of finding love again have been much praised. Dolsing Village here is a shared house which acts as the same roof for them. Naturally, as they enter the show one after the other, how they connect with someone and later try to bond by giving love a second chance has been shown in the series.

The cast members of the show play a pivotal role as they help each other through the challenges that come with the show and support each other. This cohabitation and living together also makes them quite close to each other, and they form a good friendly bond with each other.

All in all, the show tells us to believe in second chances and portrays the realism of marriages and divorces in society. While the show is ongoing, new episodes of the series will take it a step ahead. 

A poster of Love After Divorce: Season 4 (Credits: Netflix)

Love After Divorce Season 4 Episode Recap

Love After Divorce: Season 4 Episode 7 will soon knock on our screens. But before we do that, let us also take a quick look at the prior occurrences of the show. Until now five episodes have been released where we saw, the episode starts with an adventure where the members take a deep dip into the natural waters.

We also got to see Ricky and Sora building a connection. As Ricky doesn’t take part in one of the water sports, Sora also decides not to do it so as to accompany him more. While their activities are being monitored and cheered for continuously by the crew members, we see the duo having a comfortable conversation later on in the show.

Even the crew comments that Ricky’s specialty is that he makes people comfortable, and there are natural conversations around him. While towards the end of the episode, we also get to see Ha Rim and Ricky having a romantic dinner together.

While the dinner goes really well, and we are hopeful for them to be a pair as well, a sudden change comes when Ricky gets to know Ha Rim, who lives in Seattle and has been living there for more than a decade. There seems to be a little distance between them; will these two still opt to be together despite the other factors, and what more is to come will be revealed with the release of the next episodes. 

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Crew of Love After Divorce: Season 4 (Credits: Netflix)

Love After Divorce: Season 4 Episode 7 Release Date

Love After Divorce: Season 4 Episode 7 will release on 3rd September 2023. The drama will air its episodes at its scheduled time of 10:00 PM KST. The show is set to have a total of just 14 episodes, with each of its episodes with an estimated runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

Where to Watch Love After Divorce: Season 4 Episode 7: 

Love After Divorce: Season 4 Episode 7 can be watched on its original network, MBN. Alongside the show, it can also be watched on Netflix in the selected regions. While the release timing of the show may differ from region to region, a few of them are mentioned below. 

  • South Korea – 10:00 PM Korean Standard Time (3 September 2023)
  • Japan – 10:00 PM Japan Standard Time (3 September 2023)
  • China – 09:00 PM China Standard Time (3 September 2023)
  • India – 06:30 PM Indian Standard Time (3 September 2023)
  • UK – 02:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (3 September 2023)

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