Made in Abyss Chapter 65 Release Date: Nishagora vs Reg!


Made in Abyss finally received a new chapter after its long 6 months hiatus. Fans are overjoyed and excited as the new chapter included some quality action and story developments. Chapter 64 was released a few days back and so we hope the manga is back on track again and would get updates frequently from now on. 

Riko and his friends have made it to the 6th layer in search of Riko’s mother and they have finally met the white whistles. Srajo, the leader of Hail Hex has decided to test Riko before she gives her any information. Riko agrees to the test. If you don’t know why the information is so critical then rethink back to Chapter 18 of the manga and you’ll know that Riko’s mother was a white whistle. 

After the fearsome battle between Reg and Nishagora, it’s finally some relaxation time. Srajo has stopped the fight and called for a bath break. We can expect the fight to resume in the next chapter and also some new mysteries to unfold if Reg manages to win. The manga is very difficult to interpret and so there are a lot of theories about what would happen in the next chapter which could be found on its official subreddit r/MadeInAbyss. 

If you are also excited about the new chapter then we got you covered because in this article we are going to tell you all about the Release date, time and where-to-read options for Made In Abyss Chapter 65. But first, let’s have a recap. 

Reg and Riko

Made in Abyss Chapter 64 ‘Juusou’: Recap

The chapter opens up with a few flashbacks. Srajo tells Riko and his friends about her visit to Bondrewd and how her team destroyed many of their fighters. Riko mentions that she also visited that place and now she finally knows why they were lacking in Fighters but it is difficult for her to know the time of the event because of the time discrepancy. 

They finally arrive at a barren land covered with spiky objects. Riko asks why they have been brought here and Srajo replies that this is the place where the “test” will happen. The test was mentioned in the last chapter. The test will determine whether Riko and her friends are trustworthy or not.

Made in abyss


The rules are simple, Riko and her friends have to fight Nishagora and if Nishagora’s back touches the ground, they’ll win. It seems really easy as they can outnumber Nishagora and win but he’s not someone who would be defeated so easily. Reg announces that he’ll fight Nishagora alone. Riko and Prushka agree with Reg and decide to stand by for backup. 

Nishagora gets surprised to see only one person facing him. Srajo’s subordinates also get shocked at this but Srajo begins the fight anyway. Reg decides to not go all out from the start and tries to pull Nishagora down by using his robotic arms. This turns out to be a huge mistake as Nishagora grabs his arms and throws him away. After failing once, Reg tries to kick Nishagora to throw him off balance but he still defends easily. 

Srajo soon finds out that Reg is immune to curses and that takes away one of his most important advantages but he continues to fight anyway. Reg goes in for a headbutt but it doesn’t do much damage. Instead, Nishagora gets a hold of Reg and slams him into the ground. Nanachi is forced to unleash Reg’s full potential but Srajo also uses the white whistle to unleash Nishagora’s full potential too. 

The fights get really intense due to Reg’s speed and Nishagora’s resilience. Reg mentions that he feels like he’s facing Ozen which makes Nishagora really angry as he believes that he’s far stronger than Ozen. Suddenly Tepaste enters the scene and announces that it is bath time and so Srajo stops the match till the bath is over. The trial shall continue after. 

Made in Abyss Chapter 65: Expected Release Date and Time

Made in Abyss has made a return from a really long hiatus and there has been no official news as to how and when the manga would release its new chapters. Because of this, we can only estimate the release date from various sources. According to that, we can expect Made in Abyss Chapter 65 to be released on Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Made in Abyss Chapter 65: Where to Read

You can read Made in Abyss Chapter 65 online on its official Japanese website Takeshobo. You can also choose to wait a few days after the Japanese release and read the manga in English on its official English release website Sevenseasentertainment. Apart from that, the manga can also be bought and printed from Amazon, Bookwalker, CDJapan and eBookJapan. 

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