The Miele H2265-1 B is a straightforward oven, with standard cooking modes and manual control over every aspect. It delivers excellent results, with even heat on all modes, and there’s lots of room inside, even for larger items. Easy to keep clean, this is a good workhorse, but the range of provided accessories is a little limited.


  • Even heat
  • Lots of internal space
  • Solidly built


  • Limited range of bundled accessories

  • TypeThis is an integrated oven, which has to be wired to a 16A fuse.

  • CapacityA huge 76-litres of space provides enough room to cook large dinners.

  • Max temperatureAt a maximum of 250C, this oven can be used to quickly brown dishes that require extra heat.


While many companies have kitted out their ovens with smart controls and onboard automation, the Miele H2265-1 B is a more standard oven. It’s built to be easy to clean, use, and control by the operator.

It certainly hits all of those marks with fast heat-up times, simple operation and very even cooking. The number of accessories feels a little tight, especially given the price.

Design and features

  • Huge amount of space inside
  • Basic accessories provided
  • PerfectClean finish

The Miele H2265-1 B focuses on simplicity and space, with a hulking great 76-litres of internal space. That’s absolutely huge, and I found plenty of space to fit in a joint of meat and still have space for all of the trimmings to go with a roast dinner.

Miele H2265-1 B inside
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Given the amount of space, the number of accessories Miele provides feels a little stingy. In the box, there’s a single wire shelf, a baking tray and an anti-splash insert that fits on top of the tray. This insert is built for roasting and grilling. Given how much space there is in the oven, I’d expect at least another shelf in the box.

Miele H2265-1 B grill
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

The tray and insert are both finished with PerfectClean, which is Miele’s anti-stick technology which means they can be quickly cleaned and used without oiling.

There are no fancy automatic cooking programmes or smart app control on this oven. Instead, it’s a much more standard affair, with a programme dial that you use to choose the mode. As Miele uses icons, you’ll want to refer to the manual or our guide on how to use oven settings to see what the modes do.

Miele H2265-1 B controls
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

The basic options include conventional heat, bottom heat, full grill, defrost, fan plus, intensive bake, fan grill and eco fan heat modes. The manual goes into detail about which mode is best to use when; it’s well worth reading this.

While most food can go into the cold oven, with it heating up fast, if you’re particularly short of time, there’s a Booster option that heats the oven even quicker, at the expense of using more energy.

Each mode has a default temperature, but the second dial can be used to change this, with a range of between 30C and 250C.

Miele H2265-1 B heat dial
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Timer options include setting a start and stop time. Combined with a target temperature and mode, the Miele H2265-1 B can be made to start up and end at a specific time. There’s also a standard timer that beeps when it runs out.

Miele H2265-1 B timer
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Thanks to the catalytic coating in the oven, residue can be burnt off by running the oven at 250C for one hour. If that doesn’t quite do the trick, the shelf sliders and side panels can be removed for soaking and washing, although they’re not dishwasher safe.

Miele H2265-1 B oven shelves
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  • Very even cooking
  • Grill cooks evenly

To see how well the Miele H2265-1 B performed, I put it through my standard set of tests. First, I heated the oven to 200C, then placed a baking tray filled with ceramic beads on the top shelf. Using a thermal camera, I could see how evenly the heat was distributed (white is hotter). As you can see, the back of the tray where the heating element and fan are is warmest, cooling towards the front of the tray. For longer cooks, turning the tray makes sense as it does in most ovens.

Miele H2265-1 B top shelf heat
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Next, I put the tray on the middle shelf. Here, the fan pushes the hot air more evenly, giving a more consistent heat across the tray, although it is slightly cooler at the front still.

Miele H2265-1 B middle shelf heat
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Putting oven chips on the middle shelf, I found that they cooked in less than the recommended cooking time, with an even finish to them, across the cooking surface, which is impressive.

Miele H2265-1 B chips
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Next, I fired up the grill, and placed six bits of bread underneath it, spread evenly out. From the results, you can see that the grill is very even, although the front middle slice of bread wasn’t quite as well toasted.

Miele H2265-1 B grill results
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

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Should you buy it?

If you want a large-capacity oven that delivers consistent results, then this is a reliable choice.

If you’d like a few more cooking modes, and a wider range of included accessories, look elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Solid and reliable is the best way to describe the Miele H2265-1 B. It may lack the more exciting automatic cooking programmes and smart features of its competition, but this oven has lots of room and produces even heat. If you want to take more manual control of your cooking and have reliable results each time, this is a good choice. If you want something with a few more cooking options, then the AEG BPK948330M could be a better fit.

How we test

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Used as our main oven for the review period

We use ceramic beads and a thermal camera to see how evenly the oven heats.

We use slices of bread to see how evenly the grill cooks.

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How much room is there inside the Miele H2265-1 B?

This oven has a huge 76-litres of internal space, making it one of the largest integrated ovens.D

Does the Miele H2265-1 B have a smart app?

No, this is a regular oven with standard controls only.



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