MS Paint Gets Its Long-Promised Dark Mode, Along With Other Improvements

Windows Insiders in the Dev and Canary channels now have access to an updated version of MS Paint, featuring dark mode support and more granular zoom settings. The update also introduces a zoom slider in the lower-right corner of the app, a new Settings page, new keyboard shortcuts, and “many accessibility and usability improvements to dialogs throughout the app.” Ars Technica reports: Paint’s new dark mode is only subtly different from the version that Microsoft promised and pulled back in August 2021. If anything, the dark mode we’re getting looks a little darker, and the app makes wider use of the “Mica” material that picks up a subtle color tint from your desktop wallpaper.

Updates to the Paint app are notable partly because the app went without updates for so long, and Microsoft even went so far as to announce the end of its development in 2017. The features that have been added to the app during the Windows 11 era have been relatively minor, all things considered, but minor updates are much better than the decade-plus of inactivity the app was subjected to before. Other longstanding built-in Windows apps like Notepad, Sound Recorder, and Media Player have gotten similar attention over the last two years.

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