Nanotechnology revolution

1) what is nano technology???? the ist question in your mind so i tell you that nanotechnology is the branch of science which refers to deal with miniature, the science which can make a smart phone for an ant! Nanomaterials 8 thousand times smaller than the diameter of human hair and can be applied to almost every field, from medicine to cosmetics. Nano in Greek literally means dwarf or small and when any object is reduced to a Nano size dimensions, there are sudden and drastic changes in its physical, chemical, optical, magnetic, electrical and mechanical  properties. It is for the reason that this cutting edge Technology can be used in aerospace engineering, bioscience, Medical Science, environment, electronics, security and variety of other fields.

2) in the area of health, nanotechnology can create sensors in the form of biochips to be inserted in the human body, targeting a drug to a simple malignent cells. It can also make tiny medical devices and sensors with fantastic procession to reach Areas where the surgeons hands cannot reach and repair damaged and disease body organs.

3) nanotechnology can help scientists work and atoms at a final level, helping us get more advanced products. Nanobots may be made from carbon nanotubes to carry out function like human beings. Nanotechnology has the power to change even solar energy into power energy. Providing unlimited energy sources. More over, as Nano materials are lights, strong and transparent they can be used for a variety of products. Nanocoatings can be applied to different fabrics to make them scratch resistant and repellent. It also has the ability to produce fibres which can even block harmful chemicals and biological harming substances from touching the skin of the user.

4) in computing, nanoscience may lead to smaller or more powerful microchips with increased capacity and dramatic reductions in the size of hard disks. In environmental sciences nanotechnology is providing many ways to detectify and filter the bacteria and toxins out of the water supplies and clear up the heavy metal and organic chemical pollutants. in military Technology governments are splashing cash on developing new lightweight equipment and weapons are bullet proof that suits that can be more to provide camoflauge.

5) despite the fact that it still has relative leaf you commercial applications, nanotechnology has generated criticism from environmental group and others who fear as get unknown risks to human health and the environment. Critics have called for a Moratorium only on research , arguing that we know little about the toxicological effects of nanoparticles , and that there are no regulations to control them.

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