Laplace makes her way to Nikke this week.

Laplace was teased over the weekend, and Shift Up has confirmed that she is indeed the next SSR character to get added to Goddess of Victory: Nikke. She’ll be getting added to the game on Nov. 24, and her rate-up banner will work exactly just like Helm‘s.

Players have a 4% chance of pulling an SSR, and Laplace’s rate is set at 2%. This means that each time you pull an SSR, it has a 50% chance of being Laplace. You’ll need to use Advanced Recruit Vouchers to pull on this banner, as the regular blue tickets don’t work here.

In addition to that, a new event called High-tech Toy is also getting added to the game on the same day. It also works similarly to No Caller ID, where players have a chance of earning event-specific currency by using certain characters to clear the event stages.

Finally, story chapters 17 and 18 are also getting added, along with a week-long login bonus campaign that will reward players with High-Quality Molds, Advanced Recruit Vouchers, and more.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is now available on mobile devices.

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