One Piece Chapter 1077 Spoilers: Vegapunk Dies?

One Piece Chapter 1077 Spoilers

The Vegapunks continue to fall one by one, and it seems like it will be just a matter of time before all of them are done. Meanwhile, the real Vegapunk is already imprisoned elsewhere so the world government might have different plans for him. One Piece 1077 spoilers have been released early yet again as the long-awaited manga chapter is approaching. 

We had just returned from a week-long break, and for some, this might have been the longest break they had to wait for as we had been kept in suspense.

Whilst a lot of action seems to be coming over, the world government is finally prepared to erase the Straw Hats as one of the five elders is on the move. This means that a way the bigger battle is on the horizon, and we can only wonder how that will end up. 

For now, we might just take all that is happening as just a warm-up because there hasn’t been much of a challenge, well, except for the Seraphims, that have been introduced as the strongest humans alive.

The Straw Hats might have to deal with them first, and there seems to be an unidentified traitor who is making sure that all the Vegapunks are eliminated, and things are going well according to their plans. 

In the end, it will be interesting to finally realize what is happening. But with each Chapter, the Punk records are getting destroyed bit by bit together with Vegapunks’s satellites.

The escape from Egg Head is proving to be very difficult at this point, and we might as well assume that there might be more to this than what it seems, like another introduced Vegapunk satellite, because whoever is doing this seems to have all the knowledge.

Zoro and King Fan Art

One Piece 1077 Spoilers

The Chapter will be titled ‘You Should Have Realized That Sooner.’ 

– On the cover, we see Judge and Caesar, who have realized that Vegapunk is their real obstacle. 

– Zoro finally noticed that the Seraphims have abilities similar to King. 

– Lilith attacks S-Snake with a bubble gun, but she manages to escape in time and turns Ussop into stone. 

– At the end of the Chapter, there is someone who shoots Shaka in the head, and his head ends up exploding. 

No break next week via One Piece Chapter 1077 Spoilers Reddit

A Breakthrough For Zoro In One Piece Chapter 1077

Zoro noticing that the Seraphims have abilities similar to King might just be an opening to defeat them because they are the main obstacle in the Straw Hats’ way of getting out of egg head Island. So next, he might have to devise a way to defeat them in the same way he defeated King. So as soon as their weakness is exposed, then we expect the counterattack to start. 

This is because throughout, they have been on the defensive, and with each passing chapter, things have been getting worse for them. And knowing that there is an admiral on the way together with one of the five elders, then it would not be surprising to see them arriving at the Island any moment from now.

There are still a lot of developments to take place; we are yet to see how Sanji’s group is doing and any difficulties they might face.

Now that Ussop has been turned to stone, then it would be only the Seraphim that can reverse the technique, so that presents a complicated situation because the orders from any Vegapunk satellites have not worked so well for them. 

There is a lot to take from these spoilers, but as the manga has just returned from a break. Then it will be interesting to see what happens over the next three chapters.

The tide of the battle is yet to be determined. And even in Wano, we have not seen the character development from other Strawhats, so this might be their time to shine.

The upcoming challenges will need all of the straw hats to be at their best and probably rise to the next level, as we are talking about an Admiral and even one of the Five elders who are determined to wipe them all out. 

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