Osananajimi no Ohimesama Chapter 16: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

Osananajimi No Ohimesama

Osananajimi No Ohimesama, by 9º C, makes a great addition to the romantic-comedy manga genre. The slice-of-life read is entertaining and brings entirely new plots to the manga world. Based on the love life problem of a guy – Aida Shunsuke, trapped between two “Princesses,” – The “Love” Princess – Kowai Kiyoka, and The “Friend” Princess – Tomoe Hinaki.

Osananajimi No Ohimesama, like most other romantic mangas, is designed around school life. Love triangles form an essential part of many mangas and animes. But the artist, 9º C, represents the same base with a completely different plot. Hinaki and Shunsuke are childhood friends, and Kiyoka and a complete stranger to both of them.

After meeting for the first time, Shunsuke can’t get Kiyoka off his mind, and his super-introvert nature prevents him from expressing his feelings for her. For the better part, that’s a good thing because it helps the story flow; if it had been a clean proposal, the plot would have become odd.

Before we see all the curious details about Chapter 16 of the manga, let’s see a recap of what happened in Chapter 15 and what the probable release date for Chapter 16 is.

Osananajimi no Ohimesama Chapter 15 Recap

Chapter 15, titled “The Princess Has A Secret,” begins with Shunsuke accepting he has fallen for Kiyoka – “a girl he has only met.” He falls into a series of thoughts, evaluating how he was happy with only Hinaki in his life and how Kiyoka has messed up his mind.

Chapter 15 is one of the most important chapters, and if you haven’t read it yet, please do. It puts more light on Kiyoka’s character. When Shunsuke visits the library, he finds Kiyoka (not accidentally) with a will to know more about her. Surprised to see a notebook instead of a book, he asks her about it.

Osananajimi no Ohimesama, Credit: Akita Shonen

Kiyoka discloses that she is writing a novel and has hit “writer’s block.” She reveals that Hinaki and Shunsuke’s relationship has intrigued her. Asking him for a favor in place of telling him her secret, Kiyoka asks Shunsuke to explain the point of “What Does It Feel Like To Have Someone Important In your Life.” And at this intriguing point, the chapter ends.

Osananajimi no Ohimesama Chapter 16: Release Date

There is no official release date for Osananajimi No Ohimesama. And it is one of the most frustrating points for the artist. Chapter 15 of the manga came out on February 25, and Chapter 14 on February 22. Even those dates are awry. Considering the irregular release dates, we will get a new chapter this week and probably on Thursday, March 2.

As of this moment, there are no spoilers; the artist and publisher are keeping things very tight. And it’s mainly because the manga doesn’t have a lot of followers on the network, so there isn’t hype for spoilers or previews. Only fifteen chapters are out, and hopefully, much more to come.

Osananajimi no Ohimesama Chapter 16: Where To Read

Osananajimi No Ohimesama gets published in the Weekly Shonen Champion magazine by Akita Shoten. In addition, you already know where you can find the manga, but they are not legal, so we don’t advise or provocate such methods. It’s tough to find the previous chapters of the manga; here is the official Akita Shoten manga page.

It’s tough because the Akita Shoten page is not loading properly. There are no options to purchase or read chapters other than Chapter 1. Here’s the Weekly Shonen Champion Magazine’s page; you can try visiting the manga’s page from here to see if it works. Other than Akita Shonen, there is no verified or official publisher of the same.

So far, Osananajimi No Ohimesama has been interesting, but readers around the corner believe that the future of the manga holds something dark for the main character. The relation Hinaki, Shunsuke, and Kowai can’t exactly be called a love triangle.

It doesn’t seem that Kowai has feelings for Shunsuke; Hinaki, on the other hand, doesn’t even know what she feels for Shunsuke. Maybe she is just afraid of losing him as a friend, or is it love? Well, it will be fun no matter what the result is and the way the artist writes; anything seems possible.

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