People Are Sharing The Celebs That Seem To Be Beloved By Other Celebrities, And This List Seems Spot-On

People Are Sharing The Celebs That Seem To Be Beloved By Other Celebrities, And This List Seems Spot-On

People Are Sharing The Celebs That Seem To Be Beloved By Other Celebrities, And This List Seems Spot-On

Yes, of course, Dolly Parton is the first one on this list. She is the Patron Saint of Beloved Celebrities for both us regular folks and famous folks alike.

Everyone has a celeb they love based on the perception that they seem like a really good person. A good example of that would be Tom Hanks (who seems to be genuinely beloved by almost everyone). However, there are other celebs we form positive opinions about because other celebrities have nothing but praise for them as people.

And recently, Reddit user MacaroniMistress was interested in the latter when they asked: “What celebrity seems to be well-liked by other celebrities?” The OP then used Cara Delevingne as an example of a celeb who seems to be really good and genuine friends with lots of famous people.

Well, lots of people replied with the celebrities they truly think are beloved by other celebs. Below are some of the top, best, and most repeated responses:

1. Dolly Parton. Look at all the people who wanted to collaborate with her. And how can you not love Dolly?”

2. “Everyone who meets Pedro Pascal seems enamored with him based on their own words/captions. His female celeb friends always say they’re ‘in love’ with him.”

3. “Lupita Nyong’o. Everyone looks so happy in her presence, especially when you see her hugging them.”

4. “Billie Eilish. There’s a whole promo video where they surprise her with a video of like, every person in music and film praising her. She is very well liked.”

5. “People that have worked with Britney Spears always said really good things about their experience with her. That she’s super sweet and kind.”

6. “I only ever heard other celebs speak very highly of Margot Robbie, so she’s probably on that list!”

7. “Chris Evans. Pretty much everyone he works with — directors and cast — seems to love him. And not just the MCU casts. … Even after almost 20 years, I don’t think I ever heard any rumor he’s an asshole. Sweet, kind, funny are usually the adjectives used.”

8. “Alan Rickman. Every story about working with him boils down to ‘I thought he was going to be nasty because he always plays villains but he’s actually sweet as a sugar cookie and a delight to work with.'”

9. “Paul Rudd seems like a true celebrity capybara.”

10. “Adam Sandler seems pretty sweet with his friends and family. His movies are just like his vacation with his friends and family.”

11. “Olivia Colman seems to be widely adored. She just seems like a really funny, down to earth, sweet, kooky person with buckets of talent. I’m sure she’s a joy to work with!”

12. “Tom Holland seems well loved among his peers.”

13. “Taraji P Henson. Love how excited she gets seeing her peers winning.”

14. “I’ve never heard a bad thing about Kelly Clarkson.”

15. “I think of Tracee Ellis Ross. She’s grown up in the industry so she knows everyone and she’s become sort of a fashion icon. To me, she just exudes joy and fun. I would want to be friends with her.”

16. “Daniel Radcliffe seems lovely. That interview where Sandra Bullock gives him so much praise, he looked like he was ready to cry.”

17. “Conan O’Brien is a mensch.”

18. “I’d imagine Ryan Gosling is beloved as well.”

19. “Everyone speaks really highly of Kylie Minogue and rightfully so, she seems like a sweetheart.”

20. “Ke Huy Quan seems like he is having fun with everybody.”

21. “Jennifer Aniston is the one who comes to mind for me. She seems to have a lot of genuine friendships in the Hollywood set.”

22. “Adele!”

23. “Keanu Reeves is absolutely universally beloved by cast, as well as crews. He is so adored it’s part of the reason he was still working before he broke through again after a slump with Speed — and then his leap into mega-stardom with The Matrix — because he’s a sweetheart, has an amazing work ethic, and makes production a joy. And he’s still the same, as many social media and other stories have shown.”

You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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