People With Agoraphobia Share Their Experience

People With Agoraphobia Share Their Experience

So, what does a day in the life of someone with agoraphobia actually look like? Well, we know now that the answer is very different depending on who you ask. A former BuzzFeed writer once outlined her day-in-the-life experience with agoraphobia during the time she was housebound with it.

“When I was 21 I was a bright, slightly directionless graduate, with my own band, an extreme social life, and really interesting purple hair,” the author explained in the article.

“Suddenly I started experiencing upsetting ‘dizzy spells’ whenever I was in an enclosed public space (bars, malls, on public transport).

These ‘spells’ were so severe that I’d frequently faint. I began to avoid the places that triggered them, and soon I found I couldn’t leave the house at all without suffering acute attacks.

It turned out that these ‘dizzy spells’ were actually panic attacks, and the doctor diagnosed me with depression, panic disorder. and agoraphobia, and signed me off work. I had to quit my band and my shitty bar job and move back in with my parents to start therapy.

In total it took me four years (and one relapse) to learn to conquer panic attacks, get out of the house, and fully get over agoraphobia. Now, over a decade later, I travel freely without issue (although I still have to control my depression and anxiety).”

You can read the full story here.

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