Pixel Watch is Getting a New Update for March

Alongside the new March Google Pixel update with Pixel Feature Drop goods and almost 50 bug fixes, owners of the Pixel Watch should also be on the lookout for new software. Now that Google has its own watch to support, it has been good about updating it every month and March is no different.

The new update, at least according to Verizon, is hitting watches as build RWDA.230114.008.R1. The release date for it is supposed to be today, March 13.

Google hasn’t said anything about this update yet and Verizon is only saying that it includes “the most up to date Android Security patches.” That’s not too surprising, since this month’s Pixel Feature Drop hardly touches the Pixel Watch and only mentions two things.

The first is that this update is supposed to bring Fall Detection with it, a feature that Google previously announced a couple of weeks ago. The other item is in sound and display settings. Google says you should soon be able to easily “customize audio and visual experiences on your Pixel Watch.” That means you’ll be able to use “mono-audio to limit the disorientation that can be caused by split-audio, and new color-correction and greyscale modes will better optimize the display for a wider range of vision preferences.” Neat.

For those wanting the update right away, give this old Wear OS update trick a shot. It has worked for several updates in a row and pulls Pixel Watch updates immediately, even if the watch first tells you there isn’t one available.

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