POCO X3 Pro Review: Better Than Top Model

Especially at low light conditions, you’ll observe lots of noise with these shooters. However, things get reversed when enough light was there. stock firmware ROM The other two cameras were also having the same sub par performance range. However, for hardcore gaming enthusiasts,  you might observe some serious battery discharges depending on the games and their display settings. If the settings were maxed out, you might observe the highest rate of battery consumption with some games. It’s in low light that the main camera shows its limitations, with washed out colours and reduced detail and sharpness. Photos are still usable for sure, but no longer quite so Insta-ready.

However, when you have the right guide, you can install the custom ROM easily on the device. Above, we have described how you can install a custom ROM on your Poco device. So, if you liked the guide, you can share it on your social media platforms. Also, if you have any questions or queries, or if you face any issues when installing the custom ROM, you can ask in the comment section below. You can also provide your feedback in the comment section.

  • With its 120HZ AMOLED panel, 108MP triple camera, 67W fast charging support and other features, POCO X4 Pro is superior to POCO X3 Pro.
  • To our best knowledge, it has not failed to recognize one time during testing.
  • Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central.
  • In general, this range of protection is only available for flagship smartphones.

Macro is so hidden that you’ll never know to use it, which is a good job as the results are poor. Move away from that main sensor, however, and the X3 Pro isn’t especially ‘pro’ in its sell. There’s an 8-megapixel wide-angle that, while useful, is of limited quality – as is typical at this level, really. In theory the software will learn which apps are most important to you – by volume and repetition of use – and permit those more access, but that’s not helped our overall experience.

The X3 Pro further has a hybrid card slot and an IR blaster. There’s also a LED notification light, surely a rarity these days. It’s still thicker and heavier than competing options like the Redmi Note 10 Pro and Realme 8 Pro, but maybe not prohibitively so.

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