Reacts To Lousiana Schools Displaying 10 Commandments

Reacts To Lousiana Schools Displaying 10 Commandments


“Louisiana’s new law requiring public schools to display the Ten Commandments in classrooms should be necessary because morality, values, and discipline nowadays have been slowly decaying, and most evil or toxic people are desperate to find excuses or quotes that support their stupidity.”

“Religion exists because it should help us to know what is right, and if there are any wrongdoings, we should know how to deal with it. In terms of how we perceive culture and gender differences, we still exercise democracy and rights, but too much of it leads to anyone who can be abusive and manipulative, which could affect every aspect of our lives. The Ten Commandments in the Bible teaches or it states us to do what is right and avoid any wrongdoing if possible; whether any other persons or people’s different religions have their own versions of the Ten Commandments, the purpose of displaying the Ten Commandments is to be aware and be educated of morality, values, and discipline, which has been lost nowadays.”


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