Reddit Shares Things About Cats You Didn’t Know

Reddit Shares Things About Cats You Didn't Know

16. “I’ll add to this. Something you might not know about cats until you have TWO of them is just how resilient and strong they are. I used to be so afraid of picking my cat up and handling him until the second one showed up, and when I’d watch them play fight, I remember thinking, what the hell this is UFC-tier shit? Had him in a headlock and all. After that, I became much more comfortable picking up, holding, and, in general, handling my cats. Helps a lot if you need to apply medication or handle the cat for the vet’s ease.”


“To add to this, it’s easy to mistake two cats playing for actually fighting. The main way to tell is sound – if there’s no hissing or angry-sounding yelling, they’re playing, even if it looks really violent.”


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