Reflecting on World’s End Harem: After World Manga As It Ends After 7 Years of Serialization

World's End Harem: After World ends on 7 May

World’s End Harem: After World manga series ended yesterday after seven years of serialization, leaving its fans with varied opinions. The harem series, written by LINK and illustrated by Kotaro Shono, has been on many manga enthusiasts’ lists since its start in 2016. 

The manga was initially serialized in Shueisha’s Shounen Jump+ from 2016 to 2020, and its sequel, After World, was serialized from 2021 to 2023. It has piled up to 17 manga volumes after seven years. Since its uproar, the series also gave birth to two more manga series, “World’s End Harem: Fantasia” and “World’s End Harem: Britannia Lumiére”, written by the same author. 

Ending its first part in June 2020 with 85 chapters, it went on a break and resumed with the second part in 2021, leaving fans wondering what happened next. Falling under the genre of romance, sci-fi, and ecchi, this manga series has created an impressive fanbase around the globe. With an anime adaptation of World’s End Harem, we can expect a season 2, following the content of World’s End Harem: After World manga. 

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Waking up from cryostasis after five years to a completely changed world from what you once knew sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, this nightmare turns into reality for our protagonist Reito Mizuhara. A lethal virus called MK (Man Killer) spread across the world and eradicated 99.9% of the male population. The catch? Reito and some other men are immune to this virus and are tasked with re-populating the world as much as they can. 

World’s End Harem manga (Credits: Crunchyroll)

As Reito struggles to cope with the new changes, he aims to discover the truth about the virus and find his lost love, Elisa Tachibana. The story follows the lives of the other immune men as well. 

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Reito Mizuhara, voiced by Tachi Ichikawa: The protagonist was diagnosed with a disease and was put in cryostasis sleep until the cure was found. Mira Suo, voiced by Haruka Shiraishi: Reito’s caretaker. She is the clone of Elisa, but Reito refuses to mate with her. 

Elisa Tachibana voiced Haruka Shiraishi: Researcher and long-term friend of Reito. She, too, had feelings for him.  Sui Yamada, voiced by Aya Yamane: Small frame but physically strong; Sui is Reito’s bodyguard. Rea Katagiri, voiced by Keiko Watanabe: Reito’s caretaker after Mira was fired. 

Anime Adaptation of World’s End Harem

The first episode of the anime adaptation premiered on October 8th, 2021, but episodes were delayed due to “production issues”; it resumed once again in January 2022. Director Yu Nobuta at Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ did an impressive job of bringing the manga to life. The characters were designed by Masaru Koseki, the script was written by Tatsuya Takahashi (Domestic Girlfriend), and the music was composed by Shigenobu Ookawa. 

It was aired on local channels like Tokyo MX and BS Fuji, but when Crunchyroll acquired the license to stream it, the anime was available for international viewing. 

Worth A Read?

Sometimes fans like to read a manga or watch an anime after its completion. However, sometimes they might hear good or bad opinions, which leave them wondering whether they should read or watch the concerned media. So let’s see what World’s End Harem and its sequel have to offer. 

Reito, as the main character, is determined and loyal. In a world where women are “throwing themselves” at Reito, he is least interested. He is desperate to find his long-lost love as well as find the reason for the spread of the virus. It can be refreshing to see that he still believes in love after everything he has experienced. The main reason why it gained such popularity was the fan service, a whole lot of it. You can tell how much attention Koseki paid to the character designs. 

Shūmatsu no Hāremu
Shūmatsu no Hāremu After World (Credits: Shounen Jump News’ Twitter account)

The harem genre can be problematic with its frequent misogynistic tropes, and so it makes sense that this manga received different reviews. The post-apocalyptic setting itself didn’t sit well with some of the readers/watchers. A reviewer mentioned that the manga had some plot depth as you continued to read. The manga adds a psychological element and talks about the dire situation of a women-only future rather than praising it as a “male paradise”. 

If you decide to read or watch it, the manga can be found online for free, and Crunchyroll streams the anime!

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