Robots…… They may get rights by 2056

Today the world is becoming techy, techy in form that the human is able to make humanoid robots which are robots but work like humans this is a invention but the use of robots in different countries are maximized every single day.

1) in today’s world the robots are employed in house holds , factories with risky work, large offices, military battlefields, mines, hospitals and Researching labs  to  do a variety of work, besides working as a domestic helper, they can lift heavy loads, world and stack things, diffuse bombs, carry out military surveillance, explore sea, Earth and space, perform complicated surgeries analyse data. Like an professional  who can do so many jobs with the efficiency, accuracy and the speed of machines ?

2) movies have often depicted robots as computers and Rifles of human beings and many people say as they will lead to serious unemployment but the fact is that the robots are not as intelligent and solution oriented As homosapiens are .

3) as robots are increasingly becoming more and more like human beings, many experts believes robots May be given the same rights as humans. Sounds doesn’t it, but an official report has claimed that by the year 2056, robot’s  right mein become a reality.

4) Henrik Christensen ,director of the centre of robotics and intelligent machines at the Georgia Institute of Technology said if we make Robots conscious, they would want to have rights and they probably should. Robots and robotic machines are now classed as lifeless tools without rights or  duties but today the artificial intelligence (AI)  become omnipresent , the reports shows there can be calls for humanoid rights to be given to them.

5) the fact is also logical that rights are full out with citizens responsibility, which includes casting vote, paying the taxes and compulsory military service in some Nations.

6) Christensen said would it be acceptable to kick a robotic dog even though we shouldn’t kick normal dog’s? Definitely There will be some people who can’t differentiate so that we need to have strong and effective  rules to make sure we as human beings  interact with robots in an ethical manner.

7) among those warnings a warning stated that monumental shift could occur definitely if robots were developed to the point Where they could reproduce young one’s  improve or think and can take for themselves. Is correctly managed there is a very real possibility for increase labour output and greater intelligence to be provided bi robots that will ultimately least to greatest human prosperity and and improvement of the human condition.

8) however, it won’t that robots could rebel for their rights if these were  denied to them.

By above facts we can say that robots can get rights by 2056.

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