Rubikon Movie Ending Explained: Did The Mankind Get Saved?

Well, for the fans of movies focussing on catastrophes, a film titled Rubikon was released in 2022 for them to enjoy. Directed by Magdalena Lauritsch Rubikon focus on a group of astronauts in a space crew in the dilemma of making a decision of either saving mankind as they are their last hope of survival after a catastrophe occurs on Earth or they can continue living in the station to protect themselves.

Rubikon had the viewers glued to their seats from the start to the end. The feeling of helplessness was portrayed perfectly bu the cast of Rubikon. Produced by Stefanie Feodrow and Klaus Graf, the film stars Julia Franz Richter playing the role of Hannah Wagner, a soldier from Nibra, and George Blagden playing the role of Gaving Abbott, a chemist.

Mark Ivanir plays the role of Dimitri Krylow, Nicholas Monu playing the role of Philipp Jenson, Daniel Kong playing the role of Tracy Sato, Konstantin Frolow playing the role of Danilo Krylow, Hannah Rang playing the role of Knopf, Ljubisa Grujcic playing the role of Sergio, Jonas Gerzabek playing the role of Little Knopf, Stephanie Cannon playing the role of Esther, Bevin Kina Knappitsch playing the role of a child left behind on Earth.

Hannah And Gavin Figure Out The Working Process Of Environment Analyzer [Credits: Graf Film]

Xiasu Han and Andreas Thalhammer did the cinematography for Rubikon, while Magdalena Lauritsch and Jessica Lind wrote the story for Rubikon. What would you feel if you had to make the decision between saving yourself or saving mankind? This dilemma is perfectly portrayed in the movie Rubicon.

The cast of Rubikon has done a splendid job to have the viewers attached to the screen till the very end with their raw emotions and dialogue delivery. Just imagine that Earth gets covered in toxic fog, and you want to make it out alive, but the only people who can save you are in dilemma of whether they should or shouldn’t, as it will endanger their lives. The sci-fi thriller is worth a watch as it has everything from emotions to thrill.

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Rubikon Ending Explained:

Rubikon begins with a Nibra soldier, Hannah, being sent on a secret mission to Rubikon by the corporation that owned the bunkers of survival. Gavin, a chemist, accompanied Hannah on the mission to get the laboratory of survival to Earth. Dr. Dimitri works in the lab present at the space station to formulate an innovative way of generating oxygen for consumption by using algae.

The corporations wanted this innovation; thus, Hannah was sent on a mission to retract the information while working to secretly get it back on Earth. In Rubikon, the astronauts are taken aback by Hannah’s arrival, as a soldier has stepped into the station for the first time.

At the station, Hannah had to navigate and find a way to get the innovation to Earth, while Gavin’s job was to be Dr. Dimtri’s assistant. The remaining cre at Rubikon were sent back to Earth, but due to the formation of a sudden cloud, many of them didn’t survive. Gavin is heartbroken to lose fellow green rights activists as he was one of them.

Gavin uses an environment analyzer to check what went wrong during the crash. Meanwhile, the corporation instructs Hannah to continue on her secret mission and bring innovation back to Earth.

The crew returning from Rubikon to Earth are unable to reach ground control; therefore, they contact Hannah to ask for her help. Hannah fails to connect the crew, and Vesta 2 overheats uncontrollably, and it catches fire within minutes. The three remaining astronauts consisting of Dimitri, Hannah, and Galvin, are now cut from mankind and left to survive in the space station.

Meanwhile, the environment analyzer works, and after seeing the reading of the analyzer, Gavin attempts suicide, but luckily Hannah saves him. Galvin informs the two that the chance of survival on Earth are slim, and maybe there are some people still alive on Earth, but they are bound to die after their supply runs out. Dimitri informs the two that his system worked and was sufficient for three people, but now only three of them remained, and it was the minimum number of people required for the system to work.

Still From Rubikon [Credits: Samsara Filmproduktion]

This makes it a necessity for all three of them to survive because the moment one of them gives up, it will automatically lead to the death of the other two. Thus the struggle to remain alive and survive begins within the station.

The world of Rubikon would work on a debit system that is designed to be beneficial for one class of people. Every soldier is inserted with a chip in their neck to control them. Suddenly there was a change in algae color, but the function remained the same.

The CEOs of several companies who have survived the catastrophe by living in the bunkers reached out to the three for help. Hannah and Galvin agree to risk their lives to protect mankind.

Did Hannah Choose Mankind Or Herself?

The change of algae color led to three questioning the efficiency of the analyzer, and after Dr. Dimitri studies the algae sample, he informs Hanna that the color of the algae changed due to her pregnancy. Hannah is shocked by the revelation as she believes that all the soldiers were kept sterile to prevent this from happening. Hannah was determined to continue their plan to take the innovation back on Earth as she didn’t want to raise a child in this environment.

The capsule overheats as the three prepare to launch it, and Gavin wants to fix the capsule, but Hannah knowing of the dangers of doing so, stops him by locking him behind the doors. Hannah is exposed by Esther as she reveals their plan to bring the innovation back to Earth to Dimitri.

Dimitri agrees to bring the innovation back to Earth. Hannah discovers that VESTA 2 malfunctioned due to Dimitri’s interference and loses trust in him. Dimitri convinced Hannah to be selfless for once and save her life before others by reminding her that the corporations chose to send a soldier to Rubikon.

Hannah and Galving inform Esther of their plan to bring the innovation to Earth but on the condition that Hannah gets to talk to one of the soldiers evacuated from the Northern Hemisphere.

Hannah gets heartbroken after Esther tells her none of the soldiers survived as the rich didn’t want to share their resources. After the glimmer of hope of her sister being alive on Earth gets lost, she has a change of heart and decides she isn’t going to help a bunch of selfish jerks.

Gavin still wanted to save mankind as he believed saving the lives of 300 people was important as there were kids in the bunker. After Dimitri and Hannah refuse to help, Gavin commits suicide as he realizes Hannah has become self-absorbed alongside Dimitri. Dimitri is heartbroken because he made up the rule of the requirement of three people to keep the system working to prevent Gavin from committing suicide. Galvin’s body floats in the water bodies after it is pushed out of the space station.

A few years after Gavin’s death, Hanna gave birth to a beautiful daughter and named her Knopf in honor of her dead sister. One day Knopf sneaks into Laser com, where she talks with kids from Earth as they talk about games. Thus the film ends with mankind surviving even without Hannah’s help after they learn to heal each other. Whereas Hannah and Dimitri were stuck at the space station, and how Hannah’s decision ended up keeping Knopf away from the life she deserved.

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