The sims 4 better school mod has created the best version of school life for the sims. Sim 4 has added many mods which deal with the school life of the sim players. The sim’s creator has launched many mods which deal with school, teens, kids etc. there is sims 4 School mod which gives you the list of best school mods like – what is better high school mod, elementary school mod etc.

The Sims 4 better school mod is not about the school mods but the interaction in the schools.

The better school mod sim 4 adds a lot of interactions and creates better school elements. This is to be true to the theme of realism. The creator has added many of their personal experience which makes it real.

What is Sims 4 Better School Mod?

The mod is created to improve the sim’s interactions with school life. The sims get to build new skills and add to their personality. The better school mod sims 4 is created by kawaiistacie.

The school would not just be about attending classes and doing homework. But the sim can learn the skill and work towards them. Every skill you earn you lose something. Each interaction has some positive gain or negative effect.

What are the interactions in the sims 4 better school mod?

There are interactions which sim goes through in the sims 4 better school mod. Each interaction has something to gain or lose. Here, is the list of Better School Mod Sims 4-

Sleeping in the Class

Increase – the energy is increased.

Decreased – the sim player will lose some manners, responsibilities and performance.

Play Games on Phone

Increase – the sim player gains some video gaming skills. The fun will also increase.

Decrease – the sim player will lose some manners, performance, and responsibilities.

Pay Attention

Increase – there will be an increase in skills and character values.

Decrease – the sim player will lose some fun.

Don’t listen to Teacher/ Slack Off

Increase – the sim player’s fun will increase.

Decrease– the sim would stop learning and having fun.

Do Homework in Class

Increase – the percentage of homework completion.

Decrease – the responsibility would decrease and stops learning a new skill.

Flirt Class

Increase – the romantic and social relationships will increase.

Decrease – the responsibilities of the player will decrease.

Make Enemies

Increase – the bad relationships, mischievous activities will increase.

Decrease – the emotions like empathy, emotional control and manners would decrease.

Play with Toys/ scroll Simstagram

Increase – the fun in the gameplay will increase.

Decrease – you will stop learning and character values also go down.

Is Sims 4 Better School Mod Compatible?

Yes, The Better School Mod Sims 4 is compatible with other school mods like sims 4 School mod, Preschool mod, etc. the Sims Mod is compatible with non-school mods too.


This mod is designed to bring the real-life interactions of the students in the school with the teachers, learning new skills etc. the result from the interactions is not just about positive things. There are negative things involved in the interaction.

The Better School Mod Sims 4 enhances the whole experience of the sims 4 gameplay. Did you enjoy the mod? Write your views about the mod!

Better Schools In The Sims 4!!Preschool MOD + HOW TO DOWNLOAD!


Can you do online school in sims 4?

The sims 4 better school mod doesn’t have this element. The other mods in sims 4 have this option of attending the online school.

Can you build schools in the sims 4?

No, the sims 4 better school mod doesn’t have this option. The other mod is designed for building the schools.

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