Sophie Turner Takes Down Instagram Story of Daughter, Says It Was An Honest Mistake

Accidents on the internet are always the worst. Why? Because of your digital footprint. It is something out of your control and one that carries the potential to destroy you or, worse, get you CANCELLED.

Earlier this week, Game of Thrones Actress Sophie Turner and spouse to American singer-songwriter Joe Jonas had a stroke of bad luck and accidentally uploaded an Instagram Story of a video of her daughter Willa Jonas. Having always fought hard to protect the privacy of their daughter, this was an absolutely mortifying situation for the couple. 

Despite their strong public views on the privacy of their children, netizens and media houses were quick to assume that it was an intentional post, however surprised they were with the sudden release of the video. Of course, this only led to the reposting and wider circulation of Willa’s video. Realizing her grave mistake, Sophie immediately deleted her Story and posted a new one explaining how the situation was a huge accident.

She posted that earlier on that day, she had made an honest mistake by accidentally posting a video of Willa on her Instagram stories. She stated that she and Joe have always advocated for their children’s right to privacy and that sharing the video of her daughter is something that is against anything she stands for.

She went on to say that their children deserve the right to grow up out of the public eye and learn and grow in private. She further asserted that if she were ever to post something about her kids, it should always be regarded as a mistake, no questions asked. She wrapped up her statement by saying that she would appreciate it if everyone who had reposted her daughter’s video would delete the video.

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Sophie Turner’s statement on her Instagram Story (Credits: INSTAGRAM: @sophiet)

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Sophie Explains Her Actions

Sophie’s statement distinctly emphasized how upset she was by unintentionally infringing upon her daughter’s privacy. Her having to request everyone to delete the reposted video of her own two-year-old goes to show how quick the internet is to spread information, regardless of how damaging it may be.

Despite their constant adamant request for privacy, the couple seems to be chased down for pictures of their children the moment they step out. Sophie has spoken out multiple times regarding the issue in the past. Yet, it continues with no end whatsoever.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner first met on social media, communicating through Instagram DMs, after a couple of failed attempts by their mutual friends to set them up. Eventually, the relationship deepened into something much more serious, and finally, the couple eloped to Las Vegas for a surprise wedding ceremony in 2019. Of course, the star duo could not stop their marriage ceremonies there and actually ended up having another extravagant but intimate wedding at Le Château de Tourreau in Sarrians, France.

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Wedding in France
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Wedding in France (Credits: @sophiet on INSTAGRAM)

Although the couple never formally announced their first pregnancy, Sophie Turner was spotted with a baby bump in June 2020, and after a few days following their first daughter’s birth, they officially announced that they had had a baby girl on July 22nd, 2020, who later was named Willa Jonas. After showing off her second baby bump at the 2022 Met Gala, Sophie announced her second pregnancy while on an interview with Elle UK, where she talked about how much she loved parenting and said that raising the next generation is what life is all about for her.

She went on to say that seeing her daughter go from strength to strength is the greatest thing in life and that she and Joe are excited to be expanding the family, calling it the best blessing ever. She also humorously added how she used to be very rock ’n’ roll and spontaneous and how becoming a mom has changed her into a way less cool person and even made her feel like she is an old woman.

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She has also spoken about how much she and Joe value their privacy, along with and especially their children’s privacy. She elaborated on how she’s very “protective” of their lives and never wants to be marketed as a “celebrity couple”. She also goes on to state reasons as to why she wants her daughter’s life to be hidden from the public rather than be made public and open for unwarranted judgments.

Being a veteran in the entertainment industry, Sophie described how humongous of a toll being a public figure takes on one’s mental health and that she would never want her child to be seen as a nepo baby. She added that her daughter never asked for fame, and in fact, we all know she is too young to consent to that monumental decision.

The recent incident takes us back to 2021 when Sophie spoke out against relentless paparazzi who had somehow managed to photograph and release pictures of Willa. In a now-deleted video, Sophie emphasized how she absolutely did not want Willa’s photos out there for her face to be publicized and that she was “sickened” and “disgusted” when she found out what the paparazzi had done.

She continued by respectfully requesting everyone to stop following her around, trying to take pictures of her daughter, and even printing them. She once again pointed out how the behavior was disgusting and ended by saying that no one had her permission to photograph her daughter. 

Well, all we can say is, Hopefully, the paparazzi and media houses respect their privacy moving forward rather than desperately prying, looking for their next scandal or viral articles!

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