It’s often said that every piece of information known to humans is freely available on the internet. 

If that’s true, why would we expect to get paid for dispensing it?

This week alone, I’ve asked Google the following thorny questions:

  • Did Hitler have children?
  • What’s the average weight of a beagle?
  • Who sung the highest note, ever?
  • Why is the ocean salty when the rivers that flow into it aren’t?
  • How many vitamins are there?

All were answered rapidly and reasonably accurately, although there were a variety of possible options for one or two of them.

We don’t need people to give us information anymore.

Your clients certainly don’t want you feeding them information.

They want freedom from pain, stress and longing. They want happiness, health and abundance.

It’s your job to enable all that, and more.

Cut down on the info and tell stories of how you’ve helped others just like them, so they can see how you can help them too. 

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